Monday, February 23, 2009

Pesky sovreignty!

When you hear a politician say the world needs a "global New Deal", you have to wonder who he thinks gets to play "Global FDR". At least you do if you have a low and suspicious mind like I do.

All's I know is that I'm not going to get dragooned into some global WPA, no matter how many global holes need digging and immediate re-filling.

(...and what about that Gordon Brown guy, anyway? Does he make Al Gore look like a dynamic and charismatic public speaker or what? Compared to him, Henry Kissinger is a regular Jesse Jackson. I always get the feeling the Thorazine dart that the Animal Planet guys shot him with from off-camera is about to take effect at any second, and he's going to slump forward and you'll be able to see the little tuft between his shoulder blades before they run up with the net and the radio collar.)


Peter said...

Tam, Gordon Brown is partially blind, which accounts for the way he holds his head - it's an effort to see better. For details, see:

(Not that I have any respect for his politics, but I guess a physical disability does deserve some acknowledgment.)

Tam said...

I was thinking more of his vivacious speaking style. The sight issue is just unfortunate icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown, Britain's Prime Mentalist and snot gobbler

I'm so ashamed

DBA Dude said...

When I find thoughts of Mr "Broon" getting me down I find myself watching this - makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Governor of New York is legally blind, and nobody nods off when he talks, lib babble or no.

So..our blind men are better than their blind men?