Friday, February 20, 2009

Another one down...

Og has hung up his keyboard.


Home on the Range said...

That and finding out about the whole Santa Clause deception thing just about takes it. damn.

Anonymous said...

As sad as I am to see Neanderpundit go, I doubt this means Og is going to shut up. It might even enhance what we get from him, not having to get something up every so often to maintain traffic, and being able to distill stuff.

Maybe we can get him and the Ogwife to a blogmoot soon. Eh?


TW: ovicate -- some pun or something mumble -- allusion to Taming of the Shrew, with an awareness of where I am.

NotClauswitz said...

Oh damn! But if it means increased Ogumentarious comment-bombing than I'm glad - IMO the daily drive to Blogproduce needs to be taken with fistfulls of salt.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of blogmoot, some folks were asking about you last Sunday.

Re: Og, IMO he believes it'll be less hassle being a moving target.

Although taking his archives down is criminal.

Anonymous said...


Might's well make it official. I've been saying in private behind the scenes that I intend to try to make an effort to attempt to get to the March blogmoot.

At this early date, I have no idea how successful I will be, but the spirit is willing, though the flesh be weak.


Anonymous said...

So long as I can comment I won't ever shut the hell up. But the bit about the moving target is spot on.

Thanks for noticing, Tam. It means something, coming from you, it really does.

Army of Dad said...

Damn. My web reading is taking much less time lately and it is looking to get less and less with blogs I like dropping like flies.