Thursday, February 12, 2009

We are being given our Emmanuel Goldstein...

...and her name is Sarah Palin.

She is not down with AmSoc. She stands for everything we don't stand for. She is stupid and cunning and manipulative and a puppet.

Get ready for the Two Minutes Hate.


Jay G said...

I've got an idea for Bill Ayers: Slide under a gas truck and taste your own blood.

(with apologies to the late Sam Kinison)

Weetabix said...

Nice that they're giving Mr. Ayers another 15 minutes.

alath said...

The Left cannot seem to leave her alone. They way they are behaving, you'd think she was sitting in the White House rather than having lost the election.

Usually the political or psychiatric issues that motivate the left are quite transparent. I have to admit that I cannot yet understand this ongoing obsession.

Tam said...

The media is terrified of people with populist appeal that they have not anointed.

Look how some of them still occasionally dig up Reagan's grave to defile the corpse...

Jay G said...


The media knows that Palin - and/or Bobby Jindal - are the GOP's best chance(s) at unseating The Annointed One in 2012.

They will do everything in their power to absolutely destroy Palin to prevent that from happening...

Anonymous said...

Sarah scares the whimperin' beJaysus outa the Demo-guts. Their reaction to her is good ol' fashioned visceral fear. And 'we' know it.

No better illustration of our county's extant political differences, than how Sarah is vilified, mocked, excoriated, flipped, spun, & Comintern/Gobbel'd
into an item of hate for The Faithful.

We, much against our will, ARE defenders in a ruthless Civil War of cultural extermination, much as acknowledging that fact is being avoided by Those Who Would Rule Everything. But then, deception is their forte'.

Me? I'd vote for a normal intelligence, working class candidate that has had their hands in fresh, smokin' caribou guts any day, over all the PC-crap spit and polish, represented by the Wanna Rule folks any day.

And that whole idea of a buncha folks like us, who'd actually do just that, chills the very marrow of the Future Hegemonic Owners of The Passive Peasantry.

The Followers of Sarah badly need a nationwide uniting event, that forms a new political base outside the control of established political powers -- of Either side.

I know!!! Lets have a three million person week-long vacation in Wash DC, simultaneously. Which event and travel is supported by churches, gun clubs, VFW's, and state gun orgs ALL along the major travel routes. Food, shelter, medical, highway plaza rest stop booths; in fact about everything necessary to support and move a mobile city around for a week.

It is NOT a march. It IS NOT a copy of prior events. It is a practice run for mass mobilization, that will involve ten people out in the States, providing support for every pair of feet on the ground in DC. It just happens that the National Mall is peaceful destination.

Hell, the NRA could handle all the permits and Porta-potties needed for the event. They could even have an all-meat barBcue for those attending.

But I forgot. It seems to appear that gunowners are passive/aggressive loners, who prefer to huddle over their spam can of SKS ammo and have Hollywood fantasy day dreams of slaying hordes of gungrabbing agents of evil, as they obliging stand still, like non-shooting papers targets on one's front doorstoop.

Of course, if we quit thinking of this political mobilization as a 'march' or demonstration', then perhaps we can do justice to the Sarah's -- in the teeth of Those Who WILL Rule Everything. All they need is the continuation of our fragmented and tiny individual resistance in order to win.

I say: fuxx you, Soros. You aren't even gonna WANT to set foot on US soil, if the above scenario would ever come to pass.

John the Red

vionsh - which is what 'we' are gonna do, iffn we don't do it to them first.

Loose Gravel said...

"Pallin' around with Sarah and Bill"? I'd pay to watch that show, 'cuz I'm figuring only one would be left standing when the credits role, and I know which way I'm bettin'...

CastoCreations said...

The problem with SP is that people who don't pay attention to politics (aka my coworker who is a braindead "what can the government do for me?" type) buy into the lies about her and think she's stupid. Talk about projection.

Anonymous said...

Treacher has an excerpt from her Sept.speech today, and every threat came true. But forget about that.

How's Todd doin widdat snowmobile?

Anonymous said...

It's really too bad that you all have bought into her, because she is the worst liberal tax and spend governor we have ever had, certainly worse than the last democrat. About the only good things she is doing have to do with wildlife management, because her administration has been an economic disaster for Alaska.

Tam said...


I have... oh... five or six people I communicate with up in AK on a fairly regular basis. You're the first one to voice that opinion. I guess that explains the 60%+ approval ratings, nicht wahr?

Anonymous said...

Oh, she definitely has her supporters, but mostly because she's attacked the big evil oil companies. Most of them probably realize at some level that it is self destructive, but it doesn't matter, because it is all about class warfare.

Look, I despise Joe Biden about as much as anybody, but he was dead-on about one thing he said in the debate. Under the Hugo Palin administration, a windfall profits tax that would be the envy of socialists worldwide has been imposed upon the north slope oil producers, who fund the majority of the state's budget. As a result, investment in gas and oil development has taken a nose dive, and what is most ironic, is that due to the high progressivity built into the new tax, at current crude prices, the state would likely have been better off under the old tax. And when the price peaked, it nearly reached a point where the oil producers would have been working for free, between all the various state and federal taxes. Alaska literally has one of the highest marginal tax rates out of all the oil producing regions in the world.

Secondly, there is no $40 billion natural gas pipeline deal. What they did, was to hand over half a billion in state funds to a canadian company that doesn't have the means to build the pipeline, under a contract that doesn't obligate them to build a pipeline, yet does impose triple damages upon the state of Alaska if the project fails. And most of the people who had "Canada my ass, it's Alaska's gas" bumper stickers during the campaign are probably still buying into it.

And finally, her administration has tried to actively sabotage those projects that are still going forward. While the state is determined to throw a lot of money away on a pipeline deal that can never happen, the companies that actually hold the gas leases are going ahead with their own (privately funded) gas pipeline project. Unlike Palin's plan, they are already in permitting and there is work being done in the field. And of course, she is fighting tooth and nail to stop it. And at the same time, trying to revoke the gas leases from Exxon, who is actively developing the field that will feed the pipeline. Since the courts don't seem to be buying that, they've also been holding up the permitting they need to bring their equipment across state lands. They did finally relent on something like 2 out of the 30 disputed permits, because I guess she realized that the 700+ people who would not be working this winter as a result might not vote for her reelection in 2 years. That hasn't stopped them from continuing the court battle to revoke the leases, of course.

But hey, at least she is doing something about the wolves, which have been decimating the moose and caribou populations for years. It truly needs to be done, and I am grateful that she's had the cajones to carry forward with it. Because otherwise, I don't think I would have anything good to say about her at all.

Anonymous said...

In the first act characters are introduced, we get a bit of a glimpse and the set up occurs.

At this point we've moved into the second act where the big mean democrats, "one party", are terrorizing her family in order to make the republicans, the "other party" feel sorry for her as well as having that name recognition pounded into them. Those who were fence sitters will see the constant assault by these folks as a reason to support her.

In the next act she'll triumph and win. Then comes the sequel where we find her to be as bad as the last 3 folks who sat in the oval office.

Is she nice? Sure. A MILF? yeah. Just another sell-out republican? You bet your ass, she ran with McCain

Oh, and as for o-big-ears has said "we've tried that and it hasn't worked" We need to get Joe sixpack in office, not the products of institutions of higher learning.

John B said...

emmanual goldstein, oh! you mean the mythic figure in the book "1984", rather than "The asshole born as Eric Corley"

I don't know how to embed wikipedia links in comments....