Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Book Bomb.

Today is Book Bomb day at Amazon for the new edition of JWR's Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse. If you haven't read it, it's worth the purchase. It's chock full of information, and an enjoyable story, to boot.

Patriots is already in the top 50. Combine that with Atlas Shrugged selling like Haagen-Dasz in Hades, and what does that say?


The Duck said...

Just ordered mine, today after reading Michael Bane's blog

Anonymous said...

What does it say?
Maybe we'r waking up?

Sean Galt said...

Finally, the "Hope and Change" I have been waiting for!
Now if everyone just passes them around when done reading...

verification word: toctaped. Is that Latin or ghetto for "talk to the foot?"

Crucis said...

I order "Patriots" last month and finished it in a week. "Atlas Shrugged" is resting next to my recliner for evening fare. I have Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" on its way to me now (just received the shipping notice from Amazon.)

Here's another book you may want to add to your conservative library, "33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask" by Thomas E. Woods, jr. that will dispel some of the liberal lies about what really happened in history.

Ed Foster said...

Just ordered it. Also, marginally apropriate to the subject, a new first. The American crew on the Maersk Alabama managed a counter-attack on the Somali pirates who had taken their ship, and, at the loss of a kidnapped captain, retook it.

In addition to Americans,I can see Irishmen, Scousie football hooligans, or Australians fighting back, but probably no other people of European ancestry.

The Israelis of course, as they're trained to it from childhood. As training, burnoosed men with AK's storm the classrooms in Israeli schools on a regular basis, and the children, many only 6 or 7, are taught to throw anything within reach, rush screaming at the invader, and swarm him. This gives the teachers time to draw their handguns.

Also, regular travellers on El Al have the option of knowing there will be a single shot 20 gauge pistol attached to the bottom of their seat should they agree to it.

But sadly, I think anybody else in the "West" would sit there and cringe obediently, in the hope someone might save them. We're all that's left. Scary, isn't it?

EmmaPeel said...

I ordered it today. Thanks for reminding so many.

Anonymous said...

Bought 3 for stocking stuffers (and free shipping!) :-)

Y. said...

May I ask the good people here what is their opinion of the famous National Review review of Atlas

I have read the Atlas book. Not cover to cover, but over 90% of it, as some parts were literally un-readable and extremely tedious.

After finishing it, I was enormously relieved. And I developed certain suspicions about Miss Rand.

And indeed, after reading Murray Rothbard's take on her.. (short summary, she was a narcisstic psycho)

I came to think that it was a stroke of luck that Miss Rand was not a better writer.

In addition to Americans,I can see Irishmen, Scousie football hooligans, or Australians fighting back, but probably no other people of European ancestry.
Russian ships don't get hijacked by pirates, as the corpses of those who tried usually wash up on the ocean's shore, riddled with bullets from AK-47s the Russian sailors don't have in accord with maritime regulations :)
Or so the rumour goes.