Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Empty Holster" protest at IUPUI.

Campus CCW protest makes the local news.

The report is surprisingly neutral, perhaps even sympathetic.


Noah D said...

Haven't watched the clip (I'm allergic to local news - how bad was it?), but I will be participating in the protest Thursday afternoon when I drive down for my algebra class.

I got an email from Jordan Stover, the contact for SCCC at IUPUI, in which he mentioned that they probably won't get a table. This email I got from IUPUI itself sheds light on their (sadly unsuprprising) attitude:

2. Notice of Student Protest April 20-24. Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC)/Empty Gun Holster Protest.

Posted at the request of the IUPUI Assistant Dean of Students, Jason Spratt:

Subject: [STLISERCOU-L] Important Information to Share in your Schools and Offices about a Student Protest April 20 through April 24

Dear Colleagues,

As was the case last year, we have a small group of students who have indicated that from April 20 - 24 they (and other students - probably no more than 10 - 20) intend to enact their constitutional right to express themselves. The nature of their expression will be to wear an "empty gun holster" in plain view. These students are members of the national organization of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC).

While we are supportive of the students right to express themselves, this should not be construed as support or endorsement for their position on gun laws or policies on university/college campuses. There is however an important responsibility to inform our campus community of this demonstration/protest in order to minimize any disruption to the teaching, learning, or research of the campus.

The following is a statement that describes the students' intended protest. This information will also be posted on JagNews. Please know that the Office of the Dean of Students is available to meet with faculty, staff, or students regarding how best to engage this matter.
The rest is the text of SCCC's announcement. I sent an email to the Office of the Dean of Students, with all sorts of questions in the vein of 'Is this announcement made for all protests?' and 'What is disruptive about this?'. No response so far.

Tam said...

"Haven't watched the clip (I'm allergic to local news - how bad was it?)"

It was surprisingly neutral, perhaps even sympathetic.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

When I was in grad school at IUPUI, I worked for the office that would have OK'd their table.

When I worked there, we would have approved it, because we were scrupulously fair -- for instance, both NARAL and Students for Life regularly got tables.

Unfortunately the administration at IUPUI (and IU, for that matter) for about the past 10 years has become more and more politically-correct and left-leaning. So I'm not surprised to hear they might refuse a pro-gun student group a table.

Joseph said...

This can't happen soon enough, though it is sad that a law would have to be passed to force the Universities to abide by State constitution. Note, the State law doesn't prohibit carry on campus, the Universities do.

Noah D said...

Note, the State law doesn't prohibit carry on campus, the Universities do.IC 35-47-9-2
Possession of firearms on school property, at school function, or on school bus; felony
Sec. 2. A person who possesses a firearm:
(1) in or on school property;
(2) in or on property that is being used by a school for a school function; or
(3) on a school bus;
commits a Class D felony.

I'm not betting a whole passel of my rights, let alone a chunk of my freedom, that 'school' doesn't include 'college campus'. 'School' is undefined in that section, and I can't find a definition in any other part of the code. As there is no explicit exclusion of 'college campus' from 'school', anything could happen with the wrong prosecutor.

Write a hand-scrawled letter to your State Senator in support of Senate Bill 12.

Noah D said...

Also, OT, this:

“Up until now, I really, really thought I knew what ‘bat-shit crazy’ meant. I was wrong.”WV: 'bushis' - missed.

og said...

""Haven't watched the clip (I'm allergic to local news - how bad was it?)"

It was surprisingly neutral, perhaps even sympathetic."

I'm dying here.

alath said...

The law student they interviewed was very well spoken and came across well.

The college official spouted the usual sanctimonious nonsense. Apparently nobody asked the obvious follow up question in reply to his "non violence" magical thinking.

staghounds said...

I love the University letter. In addition to the content telling the recipient what to think, there is an error of grammar, misuse of word, poor syntax, or clumsy phrase in almost every sentence.

Noah D said...

Well, my tiny little protest (2 hours on campus, in the evening, in the basement of the science building) went relatively well. I don't think anybody noticed as I was walking around - I was wearing a CTAC Minotaur kydex/leather IWB, with my shirt tucked in inside it so it was visible.

The only person who noticed sat to my 4 o'clock in class, and at a break he asked if I was part of the holster protest. I answered in the affirmative, and he lamented that he didn't have a holster - all he has are longarms. I told him to contact the SCCC here next time, they loan them out for the protest.