Thursday, April 16, 2009

Overheard around the house...

RX: "Are you cooking something?"

Me: "Yup."

RX: "I thought I smelled something hot."

Me: "You are smelling sun-dried tomatoes and pesto, the traditional breakfast foods of my people."


Mikee said...

Makes the scrambled eggs, bacon, grits with butter, and toast of my people sound downright uncivilized.

Somerled said...

Nonna Gianetta always said pesto should never be heated because it makes the basil bitter.

NotClauswitz said...

Beats the hell out of chapattis any day.

Ed Foster said...

"The traditional breakfast foods of my people"? Let's see, Tamara, woman from the Tamar, Cornwall/Devon county line, basically Welsh but flexible.

Shouldn't we be talking Cornish Pasties here? Small(er) ones for breakfast, the huge wonkers for lunch, meat on one side and dessert on the other, and don't eat the crust, put that under a bush for the Knockers or they'll sour you cow.

og said...

If that's the traditional breakfast food I'd hate to be amongst your people in the middle of the afternoon, what with the acid reflux and bad temper and all.

Still, sounds tasty.

alex. said...

One of the joys of growing up in Connecticut, back when it was free, was the fact that you could stroll into a Greek diner (redunant, yes) at 0800 and get a cheese burger for breakfast and the staff wouldn't bat an eye. Good times.

Ed Foster said...

Alex, I can still do that. Going down to the local "Italian" restaurant, run by a guy from Piraeus named George (suprise!), I can get an unbelievable omlette at 10:00 p.m.,or a cheeseburger at 7:00 a.m.

And our marginal pistol permits are still decided by a three person board. One person from the cops, one from the CT Pistol & Revolver Assn., and one impartial attorney accepted by both sides.

Any two out of three takes it. Unless there are a string of foolish actions by the applicant, the board doesn't have to review at all, and it's a "Shall Issue" operation. I've seen worse situations where people wear cowboy hats.

Plus, I met the Governor last week, a good half hour sitdown. The local press likes to make her out as a shallow do-nothing (quel suprise aussi). Total B.S. That lady rocks!
A good old fashioned Goldwater/Reagan Republican who hasn't budged on one single issue since the "crash" gave her the leverage to spit in the Democrat's faces. I have hopes there.

Come on back for a visit. You can shoot my .50 caliber at the range in the middle of Windsor, right across the Farmington river from the Yuppie Puppies at Loomis Chaffe school for ineffective snobs.

Anonymous said...

Pasties, Wonkers, Knockers, huh?