Monday, April 13, 2009

This is a joke, right?

Please tell me that this loon is really a freak from trolling for yuks from his mom's basement in Coeur d'Alene between shifts at Papa John's.

(H/T to DoubleTrouble.)


Liberty Girl said...

It surely must be, whatevs, I've still signed up to be First On The List.

Adrian K said...

Sadly, it wouldn't surprise me. You walked around in Seattle lately?

There's people there that consider voting Republican to be a war crime.

Anonymous said...

I've seen posts where folks have signed up and are waiting for confirmation, and they'll report back about the site.

I tend toward the view that it's satirical. I wouldn't be all that surprised if it's not, of course. This present era is somewhere between Heinlein's "Crazy Years" and basic Looney Tunes.


Joe Huffman said...

Coeur d'Alene Idaho had a "reputation" that was unjustly assigned to it. It was actually Hayden Lake, just to the North of Coeur d'Alene, where "Reverend Butler" had his compound. The good people of Coeur d'Alene did a great job of treating Butler and his buddies with all the "respect" they deserved. I attended one of their (Coeur d'Alene's, not Butler's although he was present) task force meetings for dealing with him and his type. I was impressed.

I'm pretty sure the Coeur d'Alene area is free of the skin-head infestation having been cleaned out by the judgment brought against them by the Souther Poverty Law Center.

But, I understand, the snark wouldn't have rolled quite so smoothly off the finger tips without using the distortion. So, I give you a pass this time.

Jenny said...

CdA is a cute little town, to. Pity they got such a tarring back in the day. On the other hand, if it dampens the Californian influx a tad, having the reputation can't be *all* bad, can it Joe?

Some of the "how the locals treated in the idgits" stories are priceless though. :)

atlharp said...

I have a feeling this guy has never been laid............EVER! Maybe him and the Elite Team Warrior can go out and pick up some "skinnies."

Dan said...

Didn't they already have the "truth squads" during the election? I guess it's the prelude to the Obama Jugen.

created by... Brook David? Man, David Brooks isn't even trying to hide it anymore.

WV: enwon - Elmer Fudd's energy company with shady accounting practices.

Somerled said...

The thought process, or lack of it, is much the same. The Stormfront dude mounts a picture of Adolph on the living room wall, tattoos SS runes on his left man boob, and keeps a copy of "Mein Kampf" next to the toilet.

The Obamacon metrosexual keeps his BlackBerry next to his left man boob. Of course, all of the Messiah's e-books are loaded on it as well as Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals".

Gewehr98 said...


I really liked Coeur d'Alene of late, and Mrs. G-98 and I have seriously considered moving there now that I've retired. Hasn't that town gotten over its past some time ago?

Tam said...

"Hasn't that town gotten over its past some time ago?"

As Joe and Jen pointed out, CdA really is a nice place and has been unfairly maligned (much like the F-body... ;) )

I used it because if I'd said "Hayden Lake", most readers would have just scratched their heads and wondered what I meant. :D

Anonymous said...

If that is a joke you better pray the this one is also
Scary indeed

kbarrett said...

My sister lives in Rathdrum, ID, across the highway from what used to be their big compound before they lost it in a lawsuit.

The people in CDA pretty much drove those freaks off ... only a few loons in the woods are left ... mostly living in Boundary County, since it has no land use laws or building codes.

They don't go into or south of Sand Lake much ... retired LAPD officers run that town, and they are even harder on them.

kbarrett said...

Oh ... and if you drive through in a white BMW while being a light haired, blue-eyed, and fair skinned European-American, be sure to explain to clerks that you are NOT a nazi ... I got the cold shoulder during a family visit while driving a 528i, until I figured out what the issue was.

Joe Huffman said...

Jenny, if it were Moscow, Lewiston, or even Boise Idaho I would agree with you. But Coeur d'Alene is a tourist town. Having such a reputation had a significant impact on their economy. Of course the hotels all filled up with news crews (the media outnumbered the bigots by about 20 to 1) when the Ayran Nations had their annual meetings. But that was only once a year.

stranger said...

I can remember a German friend of my father's telling about the misery of the Weimar Republic. "Truth squads" were very much a part of the NSDAP program in '23, and continued until until the fall of the wall in the Eastblock.

Superficially, this is just another loose nut trying to throw a scare in those who do not kowtow to the Prez. Actually? Who knows, me least of all.


Anonymous said...

What's funny is the ads on the right side of the blog are all anti-Obama...

Anonymous said...

Writing from the one-time capital of the Klan, you are of course in the perfect position to mock Idaho.
And Papa John's joins Waffle House on the list of utterly unserious ways to keep body and soul together--because Real Americans all work as part-time retail clerks in gun shops. No one would ever expect a neo-nazi there.What an utterly poncy, twatty thing to say.

Steve B said...

I submit that you'd be a lot more likely to find the kind of disaffected pimple-faced runny-nosed pizza-delivery sociopath you describe in an inner-city environment.

Hailing from Cd'A myself, I can assure that the people there are as friendly and downhome as you'd ever want to meet.

They allowed the Aryans to march because it was the law, but ignored/shunned them because it was the right thing to do. That's the Coeur d'Alene I know.

I suspect that it is a satire site. Who exactly are we reporting anti-Obama activity to?

And more importantly, can I report myself?

Tam said...

"Writing from the one-time capital of the Klan, you are of course in the perfect position to mock Idaho.
And Papa John's joins Waffle House on the list of utterly unserious ways to keep body and soul together--because Real Americans all work as part-time retail clerks in gun shops. No one would ever expect a neo-nazi there.What an utterly poncy, twatty thing to say.

Sensitive much?

Holy fuck! Snark at VFTP!!! When did that start?

I'm not going to waste my time pointing out that I'm from Atlanta (the other home of the Klan!) or that I don't believe that any service, honorably done for pay, is "beneath" anybody.

I am going to say that, speaking of "twatty", you've sure got some sand in your folds this morning. Shall we take this to email?

doubletrouble said...

"sand in your folds this morning"

Heh. Take it outside people...

Thanks for the link Tam.

Seth from Massachusetts said...

What really gives me the giggles is the Google ads his sidebar attracts!

Anonymous said...

Poncy? PONCY!!!????
Fo' ree-al?

Actually, it's poncey, and an obsolete English slang term for a pimp. Apparently tho', that meaning and spelling slipp'd by ya,in y'r prancing around for insulting adjectives. It did, however, prove to be an instructive insight into y'r haid, dere, po' child.

I haven't heard that woid n'years. It is a fine laugh, made finer by the utter un-PCness of it, being used as it is, in such a wanna-be PC context.

Anya know the funniest thing? I dunno know of anyone but the ponces of y'r obvious allusion, whooda even thunkuva use for the woid, ennymoor. It's like so..yesterday, y'know?

Dat's 'cause alla dem-typa fowks iz liberated from those sexual stereotypes, and al-dat shixx now, ya know? Dey gots dem good self images 'bout who dey bees, mon fren'. You ain't no friend'o them, nossir

So that poncey-shtick ya whupped about,is more of an illumination of you and y'r worldview, dear writer, than any amount of y'r thin snark.

Ponce...sheesh!! Weak water, that.

John,the Amused Red

and yesssssss, my precioussss, you can E-me. I haven't had my bedtime baby-troll snack, this eve.


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