Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cold War part deux.

Remember the good old days of '00, when the clever CIA outwitted the dastardly Chinese using the magic of computers and modems?

Yeah, those were the days...

(H/T to Insty...)


Dr. StrangeGun said...

I fight this stuff every day... it's scary as hell. The poisoned web sites mentioned, as of lately they include pretty much anything that has a banner ad, including wordpress and blogspot sites, and even MSN. It's getting almost impossible to stay ahead of the game now.

Rabbit said...

I work with this from time to time as well.

You'd think someone would remember to install tripwire and monitor the damn logs every so often...

Better yet, use a real OS (coughAIX) that is already pretty robust.


Borepatch said...

Sigh. Unfortunately, nobody can be bothered to monitor the damn logs.

Logs are the compost of the computer world. The just sit around and rot.

And it's not the danged laptops used by the drooling users that worry me. It's the SCADA systems that control the power grid (or oil refineries that can go kaboom) that one of the drooling users connected to Al Gore's Intarwebz.

Anonymous said...

If we admit there is a problem, we open the door to oversight. If we admit that vital public infrastructures are affected, we invite oversight by the government. Oversight by government will necessarily involve moves that look a lot like tracking content and controlling access.

Everybody's against censorship. Which of the steps in the process above does not pertain?

Rabbit said...

I have clients who tell me "Sarbanes-Oxley compliance should prevent that, right?"

Censorship isn't the same as a good firewall protocol, and hardening *some* systems isn't all that big a trick if you RTFM.

heh. wv=backsdor.