Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who didn't see this coming?

Responding to a question from ABC’s Robin Roberts, Pelosi said that while Congress apparently does not want to take anyone’s guns away, “We want them registered.”
How does it feel to want, Nancy?

I'm telling you right now, right up front, that I'm not registering mine.

And then...?

(H/T to Crucis.)


Joanna said...

"Guns? Oh, no, officer, I don't own any registered firearms."

How do you dig a plausible deniability hole when you live on the second floor?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

But you already HAVE registered your guns. Well, the ones that went through a NICS check.

Tam said...

You know, not to be snippy, but I know one or two things about NICS, TICS, log books, BATFE's tracing procedures, 4473's, 3310's, bound books, and the like.

I see a lot of chatter from people on the internet who have never participated in a single gun trace or BATFE compliance inspection. They always tell me how it works...

Stingray said...

Speaking just for my own self, I'd be rather interested to hear how those wind up going in reality, as opposed to the theoretical seen most often on the tubes.

B Smith said...

I'm curious about the "We don't want them crossing state lines" bit. As another blogger pointed out, that would mean ONLY Ohioans could attend Camp Perry matches, and so forth.
And just WTF does crossing state lines have to do with it, anyway? How many mass shootings (which seems to be the newest impetus for this crap) were perpetrated by people outside their state of residence?

pdb said...

Hey Nancy, how about some real compromise for a change, instead of the "We get only 50% of what we want, and you get shafted" compromise?

You want to register our guns? How about we trade you nationwide CCW? How about we move suppressors off NFA? How about we ditch the Nazi inspired 1968 GCA?

Let's compromise!

aepilot_jim said...

No and then!

Brad K. said...


Actually, we could help Nancy Pelosi realize her goal, of less fear of gun owners.

First, Ms. Pelosi, you have to make us fear and resent the government less.
- Stop spending more than collected tax revenue.
- Stop with the "regulate everything into the dirt" stuff, like H.R. 875 Food Safety Administration, PVPA see patent protection, and NAIS animal and premises registration and tracking.
- Stop interfering with businesses and leaving union contracts intact. If the head of GM has to go, so does the head of each of the unions involved.
- If you are going to regulate salaries and bonuses and other compensation, as Barney Frank has proposed - that has to go. Now.
- If the Illinois Governor did wrong in finding a replacement to fill President Obama's seat in the US Senate, then the American people deserve an open and fair investigation into how then-Senator Obama got his seat, and was able, without actually accomplishing anything as a US Senator, to get his party's nomination for President. Especially given the astonishing and blatant political payoffs from the White House the first 100 days in office.
- You have got to drop the socialist "redistribute the wealth" rhetoric. You have got to stop lying to the poor and other Democratic voters, that you can swipe money from businesses and wealthy - and come any where near to taking in what you plan to spend.
- You have got to stop demonizing people with the wealth, interest, and actual experience with creating an economy and putting people to work.
- Abandon the "loyalty to the President" orientation for the AmeriCorps volunteer program.
- Restore America's ability to defend and protect her shores, and interests abroad. For that to happen, we require a strong national economy as well as motivated and armed Uniformed Services. This is not the time to expand social programs at the expense of the Defense budget.

In short, Ms. Pelosi, act like Congress represents every American, not just big Democratic Party donors and PACs.

Michael said...

And then...?

1000% tax on ammunition and reloading components. Registration of ammunition and reloading components. Feloney convictions for those found with unregistered weapons. Stuff like that. It's depressing. . . Is it time yet Claire?

reflectoscope said...

The only way the government gets your guns is if you give them up.


Sennin said...

Tam: Chilling read at Check out Chapter 3.

Who's following the playbook?


mcthag said...

"I know one or two things about NICS, TICS, log books, BATFE's tracing procedures, 4473's, 3310's, bound books, and the like."

I wish to learn so as to have my over-active imagination reassured.

Anonymous said...

But Officer, I don't have any guns. I sold them all last year. Sold to who? Bill of sale? But that wasn't required by law.

B Woodman

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Smacked down by Tam... Oh dear. I'll just sit over here then.

I DO wish you had served time in Maryland shop. And tell me what the State does with the records.

Tam said...

MD, I don't know.

Do y'all have state-level registration?

hpcc19 said...
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Stephen said...

There is NO state level registration in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Something is fishy in Maryland

I am a VA FFL. Fed has no records,except with multiple handgun purchase (3310). State supposed to destroy their NICS records. State has no record of SN, except with multiple handgun purchase (3310) SN trace must start with mfg (or 3310 database?)and then proceed ffl by ffl until private sale breaks the chain of record keeping. Then I dunno.

That is capsule of my minimal knowledge.

Looks to me like you don't want to do multiple handgun purchases if you are concerned about THE MAN. Also private sales look to be the way to go....hence their urgency to close the GSL.

Anonymous said...

A polite snail-mail letter to your own congressperson: Point out that registration prevents nothing. There is no known way to predict when any individual will go nutzoidal--whether doctor, ditch-digger, archbishop or congressperson.

And point out where your campaign contributions will go.

Preaching to the choir on the Internet doesn't do nearly as much good as polite, hand-written snailmail.


Joe R. said...

I can't get away with the not registering bit here. MA has registration - of what was bought here after I got the license. So if they decide to collect them, they know what I have.

Joe R.

Crucis said...

Missouri, until a few years ago, required a permit from the local Sheriff to buy a handgun. You took the permit to the dealer and he added the pistol info on it and mailed it back to the Sheriff. Many dealers weren't very dutiful about their part since any followup by the Sheriff was spotty at best.

I don't know what happened to all those documents when it was abolished a few years ago. I suspect they all went into the bit-bucket.

og said...

I got a compromise for Ms pelosi: We keep everything as is, and she jumps out of her gummint plane somewhere over Chicago. Fair is fair.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Maryland has a 'list'. It's a better list than Massachusetts. Mostly pistols, but also 'Assault Rifles'

If a gun is new AND on that list the State 5-0 need a fired shell casing from the firearm. For all I know, they get the fired bullet too, but I think it's just the brass.

I think.

Presumably, the extra state form associates my name, the guns' SN, the brass, all together in some State PoPo location and database. If they passed a "turn em in" law in the State, presumably the cops would turn to this database and pay folks a visit.

Mikee said...

The premise of this post is that Pelosi can say something that makes any damn sense. This premise is incorrect. She spews whatever drivel her hindbrain can get past her botox, and expects people to treat it like Holy Writ.

Call Shenanigans on her every statement, get the brooms, and let's make her defend any of her statements against the premise that "Self defense is a human right not to be infringed by the government, period."

Dan said...

We don't want to increase taxes, we just want to have a temporary refund adjustment...

Noah D said...

What with Yom HaShoah, Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut coming up later this month, Speaker Pelosi can bite me.

Joseph said...

I think there are already some states that require registration. But I'm gonna make a guess: registration did not lower crime levels a bit.


Because very few legal gun owners commit crimes!! Duh!!

jimbob86 said...

Nancy wants me to register my guns..... and I want her to go dig a hole on a cat ranch, jump in, and wait indefinitely for the resident critters to cover her up. When she does that, I'll register my guns.

Assrot said...

Here's my view on Nancy Pelosi and what she is good for.

Nancy Goes Down

I won't be registering any of my guns either.


TJP said...

Tam said...
MD, I don't know.

Do y'all have state-level registration?

I don't know about where MD lives, but I am required to have a permit to buy and carry handguns in Connecticut, and that permit number is given out during the background check. Couldn't we conclude that permits are simply registration, when agents of the state demonstrate their use by identifying you, and rattling off a list of the weapons you legally own, only hours after beginning their investigation?

tjbbpgobIII said...

Nancy, shit in one hand and want in the other and see which one fills up first.

TJP said...

Oops, read that wrong. MD requires a permit for handguns and also registration of the individual weapon.

Anonymous said...

I wish my farts smelled like roses. Her wish ain't happening either!