Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's H-Hour plus 2! You aren't in Berlin yet?

The Liberty Sphere has linkage to more discussion on the Nordyke decision.

While there are always some who'll say "What? You didn't repeal NFA '34? You gun-grabbing traitor!", the fact is this is another good step in the right direction. It's sure to get cited in Chicago, for starters, and as Dave Hardy points out:
This means plaintiffs, the good guys, are the ones who can petition the Supreme Court for cert.. They may have won on incorporation, but they "lost" on the appeal overall, and thus are the ones who can appeal further. This is good for them. Defendants are not in control, cannot move for rehearing en banc, or decline to file for cert..

In the World War Two analogy, we're off the beach and into the bocage. To paraphrase an email I received yesterday:
Step One: individual, fundamental right
Step Two: incorporation
Step Three: strict scrutiny standard
Step Four: Profit!!!


karrde said...

Well, there might be a significant devaluation of certain high-priced items if the Hughes Amendment gets iced as part of the NFA-removal...

But honestly, we aren't worrying about that kind of profit/loss.

Turk Turon said...

About a year ago I called in sick and spent the morning outside the Supreme Court building on the day of oral arguments for Heller vs. D.C.

There have been some ups and downs, but overall it has been a hell of a good 12 months for gun owners!

the pawnbroker said...

karrde: now there's a supply/demand dynamic i can get behind!

as for tam's ww11 analogy:

Keep moving lads ... keep moving
Don't huddle on this beach

Don't make yourselves a target
For those guns up there to reach

Keep moving lads ... keep moving
There's the seawall ... over there

Keep moving lads ... keep moving
Don't falter ... or despair

Don't look ... at comrades falling
Around you ... everywhere

Keep moving lads ... keep moving
We can take this ... on the chin

Keep moving ... and keep praying
Before those guns ... they zero in.

t. chapman

Anonymous said...

NFA removal? What?

Shootin' Buddy

Welshman said...

Thanks for the link, Tam. I appreciate it!

Matt G said...

Step Four: [Fun and] Profit!!!