Sunday, April 26, 2009

Notes from the day:

1) My Marlin Papoose is still a hoot to shoot. The sights are still completely broke-dick, however. Also, it would be swell if Marlin paid a bit more attention to manufacturing tolerances on the magazines. Fully a third of them need to be forcibly tugged from the well when the bolt locks back, which prevents me from maintaining a master grip on the weapon when executing mag changes. How am I supposed to do speed reloads with this thing if we have an infestation of zombie squirrels?

2) Note to self: No matter how awesomely fast you can reload your Para LTC 9 from slide lock, it doesn't matter if you then go and rush the first shot from the fresh mag, blowing it so far from the A-Zone that it lands in maybe the Q- or Y-zone due to trigger slap...

3) Have I mentioned lately how awesome S&W K-22 revolvers are?

4) A 1916-vintage Colt Vest Pocket will feed Speer .25 Gold Dot hollowpoints just fine, for whatever that's worth.

5) At the blogmeet, if you're looking for good gun conversation, pick the table where one guy says "How many times have you been to Thunder Ranch?" and the other guy says "Mmmm... fifteen?" and the first guy says "I've only been five or six times..." and another dude is talking about his issues getting sponsored in action pistol by a major manufacturer, only to get cut off by still another dude saying "Yeah, when I worked at Big Name Manufacturer, I used to go to a bunch of local matches with all our GMs (USPSA Grand Masters, for the uninitiated...)" If you keep your ears peeled, you might pick up a ProTip or two.


Tango Juliet said...

Time is distance. Distance is marksmanship. Goes double for zombie squirrels.

Anonymous said...

Keep your ears peeled and I might introduce you to the women's quickdraw champion or introduce you as a "c" word...depending on if she agrees with my appraisal.

Anybody that goes to a "blog meet" probably is a worse shot then kim d t when gifted a spiffy rifle because people didn't think him a twat at the time, against their better judgements.

I posted this as anonymous as I have my OWN web page and I'll be amused to see if anybody figgers who I am....

Remember, I'm a mall ninja and you're a "hero".

Hold them by the nose and kick them in the balls and kick them in the cunt if they don't have balls...My mod of GS Patton's view on life.

Kick toys are fun. You're a kick toy. I'm having fun. Funny, innit? Be even funnier to see you explain yourself. Feel free to remove my post if you don't have the brains to do the above. I'll laugh at you in either occasion.

Sopme can, some do, some are C's on the internet that pretend they can do.

Guess who you are.

og said...

Good lord, you've arrived. You're drawing the worst kind of trolls.

It was excellent to see you. Hope I do, again, soon. Glad as hell you never got a chance to see my paper, but with a new front sight I'll endeavor to suck a bit less next time.

Tam said...

"Hold them by the nose and kick them in the balls and kick them in the cunt if they don't have balls...My mod of GS Patton's view on life."

I'm pretty sure Patton had the 'nads to use his own name.

I know I do, and anybody who wants to meet me knows where to find me, but some would rather talk smack on the tubes.

I can tell the difference, can you?

Betcha a dollar you erase your post when you sober up, Tom.

You'd have had a fun time at the "blog meet", BTW. Wish you'd been there...

Flighterdoc said...

Hmm...Thunder Ranch? As as student or insructor?

Tam said...

"Hmm...Thunder Ranch? As as student or insructor?"

The latter is, of course, worth Extra Bonus Cool Points. :)

Mad Saint Jack said...

Well I managed to get next to the table. That was awesome enough for me.

Wolfwood said...

That was pretty pathetic by Anonymous. He/She/It left a very similar pile of excrement at KdT's; I suspect that it's still possible to track it down if anyone cares, which I doubt they do.

MCSA56 said...

As for Marlin sights: think that you can just put 'em on the take down rifle too, though I suspect it won't hold zero so great...


Kerry and Barbara said...

Damn, I try to get bonus point by going to TN, and miss both the shoot and the blog meet of the month.


tom said...

Betcha a dollar I'm sober now and I'll be sober when I stomp you.

The login to make this post was related to YOU not ME.

"criahr" was what blooger gave me related to your rudeness.

Feel free to prove otherwise.

PO 1211 Dripping Springs, Texas. USA
Disciple of Ray Chapman.

Wanna play a game, pick your weapons and show up or shut up?

Otherwise I believe you are the DILDO.

How did the redhead learn to be a nice person and you became such a cunt? Bad upbringing?

Feel free to come out and play on the range when YOU SOBER UP .

tom said...

Oh, I've got a tip for you...when you previously wrongly insulted people, doing it again doesn't make you any friends. I'll pay the range fee at tiger valley. You'll never show. I'll wager you 500 bucks you won't show because you'll look the fool and then it'd fuck up your imaginary web presence.

Prove me otherwise?

I'll stomp your arse if you do show up.

Better to shut up than to keep looking the fool/tool, honey.

Your UNDESERVED and UNEARNED elitist attitude is why I stopped reading your pages in spite of the fact that you sometimes say intelligent things related to rifles I like.

I had a brainfart and ended up making fun of you. Dollars to doughnuts, you'd never show. Every stupid rude bith, be they male or female, that had ever spoken to me as you have has NEVER SHOWN.

tom said...


I don't care if the loser thinks I'm an ass. I only care about WINNING. Not Whinging.

Let's all go play!

Show me your big e-cocks and clits!

tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tom said...

Nobody has rang the phone nor emailed.

I'm skeered of you all!

tom said...

Question for Og:

If you have seen only one of two parties shoot and Tam is not nationally ranked in any way shape or form I know of, how am I the arrogant one when I didn't pick the fight in the first place? And why would you put your money on her?

Most people that wager like to see the performance of both runners before placing bets or at least look at a lead sheet. Do you have a magic winner mojo thing and if so, can you win me a lottery to chip in on my forthcoming Cape hunt in September?

Or are we back to me making fun of STUPID PEOPLE such as yourselves? I go by performance, not trying to suck up to female shooters because I hope it might get me laid some day.

You might think that one over too.

I told David Codrea to fuck off and eat a dick because of how he behaved related to info I gave him and he'll say I did so. I'm not ashamed of doing so, and you are who?

Just wondering.

Tam can of course erase this all because it makes her look like a bigoted twat rather than a competent shooter...of she can put up or shut up. You, sir, are a moron.

Damn, idiots are fun tonight, because I decided they are!

og said...

Is that a challenge? If it is, the Rules of Engagement say I get to choose weapons. I pick brains, at Dawn.

Pitiably, in that area, you will always be an unarmed man.

Not to mention that a duel is between gentlemen, and you are the antithesis of that. Your mommy must be so proud.

tom said...

Rules of engagement say nobody called, emailed or wrote. Bring anything you want to lose with, provided terms are agreed to.

Brains don't seem to be your best bet as your's may have fallen out. I'll pretend you are a Marine and use small words. She did not take up the bet because she might lose and then she would be just a person with a blog hat thinks rude snark is funny.

I wandered back here to see if I still didn't like this place and I still don't, but it's still funny to me how full of themselves people that can't afford to risk 500 bones often are when I'm going to look at a 10k Merkel today.

Tom 2
Tam Still a Zero who thinks she's funny on the internet and "snarK' is not useful firearms information.

Call it as I see it.

If she wants to post her IPSC and IDPA results to prove me otherwise she has the address above.

I killed the phone as I knew she wouldn't call anyway but a person named Og might.

Og. Good name. Caveman. Dumber than Marine.

If you came to take up the challenge for her, I'd have to tell you witch end of the firearm to point down range, no doubt...

Anonymous said...

"Og. Good name. Caveman. Dumber than Marine.

If you came to take up the challenge for her, I'd have to tell you witch end of the firearm to point down range, no doubt...

Oh, the irony, she is thick this morning...

fast richard said...


Somebody told me once that if I couldn't say anything nice about someone, I shouldn't say anything.

But still, wow.

Wolfwood said...

Is there any chance anyone could provide an objective interpretation of this comment thread?

I really can't remember the last time I've seen such incoherent yet persistent trolling, especially without apparent provocation. Is it that Tom is a die-hard Hydra-Shok man and the thought of firing Gold Dots from a Colt Vest Pocket sends him into paroxysms of rage? Does Tom work on the Marlin Papoose magazine assembly line? Is "S&W K-22" really a euphemism for something?

Caleb said...

You can't pay for comedy this good. Hey Tom, if you're such a whizbang shooter, what's your fastest run on El Presidente, using a non-Open gun?

pdb said...

I'd recommend looking into the 12 steps before getting into the 3 percent, myself...

perlhaqr said...

Well, that dude seems to have his panties in a knot.

Turk Turon said...

Can I just jump in here for a sec and say that, Tam, I also have a Papoose and if you figure out how to deal with the #$!@ sights, please let me know. And I have the same problem with the mags.

Somerled said...

No manners, no man. Uncivil discourse such as this isn't comedy--it is beneath contempt.

Og and Caleb are men. I have no idea how well they handle firearms, but I've witnessed their manners.

Mark Alger said...

Funny. We were talking about this very phenom at the blog meet. Tom: remember -- you have to own your assholiness in this encounter from now to Kingdom Come. I wish you joy of it.


Robb Allen said...

Tam, I wrote my own blog software so I'm not familiar with the Blogger platform?

Where is the "Translate comment to something coherent" button? Apparently, somebody else found the "Make My Comment Appear Like It Was Written By A USDA Grade-A Dickwad With Anger Control Issues" and I don't know how to read it.

og said...

Tommy stopped posting. His mommy must have woken up.

Tom, you specifically challenged me. Tam does not need anyone to "stick up" for her, trust me. And the liklihood that Tam is interested in me in any way is absolute zero.
On the other hand, you called our host a "c" on her own website, and you don't consider that "picking the fight in the first place"?

Sorry. Nobody called your number because we're adults. No adult wants to fight a mentally retarded kid, it's just unsportsmanlike.

We'd actually try to teach you some manners, but it doesn't seem you're capable of learning anything, let alone anything about actual manhood.

James family outpost, Iowa. said...

I wanted to chime in on note #3) "Have I mentioned lately how awesome S&W K-22 revolvers are?"
I was thrilled to see S&W decided to re-introduce model 18 in the classics line, and I was trying to locate one, when a pristine (95%) model 18-4 fell into my lap at a local gunshop Friday for $499. I have worn out a set of snap caps already - target hammer & trigger, best 22 revolver ever, bar none!
As for "tom" you are giving my home state of TEXAS a bad name. All of my relatives there are real men. They can shoot the nads off a Chihuahua at 200 yards, but they are not braggards. They compete in cutting cattle, which if you google it, you will discover does not involve cutlery. They can bench 350, but are the most gentle guys you will ever meet. My 67 year old dad does not shoot very well, but he did land an A-6 loaded with ordinance on a heaving aircraft-carrier deck near southeast asia, over and over. Why don't you try that, manly-man? You are evicted from Texas, "tom", I'll be there in August, and I hope you clear out and move back to Euro-fagia or Cali-fagia before I find you, and stomp the sass out of you. Now apologise to Tam, who entertains us out of the goodness of her heart, or I will mail her your front teeth as tribute, Bitch.

closed said...

Hey Tom ... revolvers, 150 yard targets, off hand, iron sights.

You might want to talk to Chris Byrne or Mr. Completely about my performance at that range with a Ruger SRH at the original GBR, before you put any money down.

You can then take My Completely on with the same challenge.

The two of us were taking turns shooting the heads off of dandelions on the 150 yard berm at GBR-1. But then none of us gun-bloggers can shoot, so we musta been imagining it.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Wow...step away from the computer for a while and miss the troll.

Hang on, I'll get the popcorn.

WV: rentlyme. A clear canard; once you use it, they're not going to want it back.

Anonymous said...

Wow... that was just... impressive. Misspellings, incorrect grammar, pointless epithets (some of which are reduced to one letters, and others are not), digital-dick-waving, trolling, mindless attacks, inconsistent arguments, irrational behavior, challenges to some kind of carbon face-off... Yeah, in just a scant few posts, Tom successfully embodied almost all of the traints trolls can possess on the internet.

Congratulations, Tam, for attracting such a fine example of the copious stupidity available on the internet!

BobG said...

"You shall judge a man by his foes as well as by his friends."
-Joseph Conrad

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The more I read this, the more I wonder who the hell would actually trust Tom with a gun...

He reminds me of a classic Bill Mauldin cartoon. As Willie memorably put it, "We calls 'em 'garritroopers'. Too far forward to wear ties and too far back to git shot."

Stingray said...

"Your UNDESERVED and UNEARNED elitist attitude is why I stopped reading your pages"

Is there anything you don't fail at?

MP said...

Congratulations Tom - in just one night you managed to offend one of the few women on the internet that actually ever looked at your blog (and that's not Tam but someone I know from the range who was mortified by your comments) but you provided a prime example to the left that all gun owners are virulent nut jobs.

You could be the Brady poster child for why some people aren't stable enough to own guns.

atlharp said...

Betcha a dollar I'm sober now and I'll be sober when I stomp you.Wow! What class! Man, do you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth? Holy crap, me thinks Tom is eagerly waiting by the mailbox for his bottle of extenze and this month's issue of Barely Legal.

A sad figure who's "compound" consists of nothing more than his Mom's backyard and tent he got from Wal-Mart. For the record, I wouldn't fuck with Tam just because she is smarter than you! That by itself isn't that hard, but when you are dealing with infants and mongoloids like yourself, it isn't much of fight.

Tam- You have in fact arrived! LOL!!

tom said...

Nope, OG, I had business to attend to. Find my fastest times in person. I'm probably older than yer mom.

Tam started it eons ago by calling me a "mall ninja" when she knew nothing of me. I made a few phone calls and she's another KDT with no impressive range records. It was a sucker bet and I'll give her the credit that she didn't take me up on it as she was so broke recently she sold one firearm to buy a different one. Real gun people rarely sell firearms just like real mechanics never sell tools.

You are welcome to worship at any altar or woman's pedestal of your choice but I will laugh at you.


Figured I'd check back and see what kind of beeswax you buzzy bees came up with.

I took Brigid off my blogroll because she seems to be friends with a rude idjeet.

I don't run with rude idjeets, although I respect her writing, Tam's not so much.

Make a habit over a few years of insulting people that disagree with you instead of having a reasoned discourse like most everybody else and Tactical Tam became a cartoon and I couldn't help pissing on it as cartoons aren't real people anyway, they're just cartoons.

Feel free to keep the rude and rejected posts coming to my personal web page. It amuses me that some people insult me and can't even spell as they do it. You know who you are.

(This posting brought to you by a new Merkel rifle and a couple cans of Mountain Dew. I don't drink or use drugs because it has poor effects on my marksmanship, so stick that boat back up yer arse.)

AltFart: My parents live thousands of miles away from me. I'll meet you at Tiger Valley though.

Cash held in escrow during tournament. Or shut up? Your call?

tom said...

The really really REALLY funny thing is the ones of you who threatened me with physical violence. I'm glad you are legally allowed to own firearms but I shoot better than you do, so I'll have a decent excuse if the need arises in defending myself against internet morons that travel across the country to "kick my ass".

Contemplate that for a while. Menacing insults that fall under terroristic threats rather than challenging a person to a match. Umm...which gets you in trouble in life.

You might also wish to review "brandishing" vs "having a firearm on your person".

After you finish reviewing those, remember, once you're in drop the soap land, my prison guard friends say "eventually the blood will act as a lube for those folk".

tom said...

Thinking about it, what would be really funny would be if all your FAT ARSES on Brigid's fat midwestern weblogger's page post today tried to come down here and swarm me at once, as I have demeaned your hero and you must kill me.

You all look to be in great shape in the pics Brigid took. "Great" if "pear" counts as a great shape.

After you spent the 4 days loading the suburban and stopped at every waffle house on the way, I'm sure you'd be in fine form for a pistol/rifle/carbine match! Stop off in Plano and see if KDT wants to join in on NOT KICKING MY ASS?

This turned out to be WAY more entertaining than I ever could imagine and I would like to thank the management in spite of the fact I think she's rude.

Brian Dale said...

Tom crayonned,

"...that fall under terroristic threats..."

There's probably a new corollary of Godwin's Law written down somewhere by now.

Your "prison guard friends?"

Too easy.

og said...

This moron is the single greatest threat to our second amendment rights that ever trod shoe leather.

Jennifer said...

Don't worry, my troll translator is working perfectly. Here's what he said, "Hey look at me! I'm gonna whip out my theoretical balls on the interweb. Hey everybody, look! I need attention and so I'm gonna lash out at people. Please, look at my balls while I stroke them and pretend that people are impressed."

Wolfwood said...

I vote that Tom is about thirteen years old, has a room full of Airsoft knock-offs, and only just finished enough of his homework to have his computer privileges for the night.

On the other hand, I'm a pretty lousy shot, so that seems to mean that I'm probably wrong.

Meanwhile, this comment thread (and the one over at Sebastian's) have become oddly compelling...although more like goatse than anything wholesome.

Tam said...

Tom, since you have gotten all butthurt and taken your widdle ball and gone home at your own site because people made "rude comments" (good god, have you no grasp of irony?), you may feel free to stop commenting here.



atlharp said...

AltFart: My parents live thousands of miles away from me. I'll meet you at Tiger Valley though.Oh boy, the mall ninja is calling me out! I feel so honored to have suffered alongside you Tam. Glory!!

Unknown said...

Tamara, Tom used to comment on my blog in a most aggressive manner. I thought it was reserved for folks like me who are anti-gun and liberal. Now I see he's got a wider audience. The funny thing is, since he gave up on me and presumably limits his comments to fellow gun enthusiasts, he's become nastier.

Caleb said...

Hey, waitaminnit - I'm in those pictures Brigid took, and I am most decidedly not pear shaped! You're calling me fat! THIS INSULT CANNOT STAND. I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL SIR, THE SIMPLEST TERMS: A 1K RUN.

:D I'd race guns against you, but all the trophies on my wall from pistol matches said that wouldn't be fair. For you.

Robb Allen said...

Tam NO!

Don't make him go away, this is too entertaining!!!

I mean, he can shoot paper better than Todd Jarrett and Brian Enos COMBINED! I hear he doesn't actually pull the trigger with anything except his mind. Do you not realize how much we can learn just by parsing his insults?

Oddly, while I know of many competitive shooters by name, Tom's skill seems to have eluded the professional level recognition you'd think he deserves. Maybe the winning the Westfield Mall Match may have won him a free Chik-Fil-A from the food court, but not the top billing he so rightfully deserves.

People who brag so loudly about their skills tend to be the ones who fold under pressure like a cheap lawn chair. Sadly, unless Tom wishes to pay for my plane ticket and compensate me for my lost time at work, I'll never really get to experience his greatness.

Instead, I'll just keep reading Tam and learning stuff.

the pawnbroker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MaddMedic said...

Hmmmm what a wonderful world we live in. Gracious, considerate and kind. NOT!!This "Tom" troll is quite obviously a liberal. Who else would use such virulent prose to make an aimless attack on anyone? I do not believe he even owns a weapon, Mommy probably won't let him. Looking at his website he does nothing but attack others when he should be working with them to promote and defend our Rights. Obviously a leftist plant and from Texans I have met and worked with, he ain't one!Kalifornia or Massachusetts transplant and I wonder what name he writes under for HuffPo or DailyKos?
Keep up the good work, Tam. You know when the nutrootz attack you have them worried!!

Caleb said...

You're goddamned right he can't win that one, pwndbroker. I just got my Grand Master Certification from the International MetroTactical Operators Decorating Guild (IMTODG), the number 1 certifying body for practical, tactical, interior design work.

Tam said...

I'm still trying to figure out where he picked up the idea that I think I'm some kind of super shooter. I sure as hell hope he can outshoot me, since I'm barely adequate with a rifle, and can't shoot my way out of a paper bag with a handgun. I guess it's some kind of dick-measuring contest... (checks trousers) Okay, he wins.

Jim said...

Unlike Tom, I've had the pleasure of shooting alongside KdT on more than quite a few occassions.

While KdT is no IDPA supastah, his pistol skills are certainly "adequate to the task", which would be ruining the day of any goblin not possessed of Tom's (claimed) grandmaster skills. Nor, has KdT ever claimed to be such a superior sort of shooter.

That said, KdT isn't a pistolero by passion and pursuit. He is though quite a competent rifleman, albiet not of Camp Perry perfection. I've shot at Appleseed with KdT, and he'll do when it needs doing.

I was also there when he fired that gifted .45-70 the first time, and he hit the 300 yd gong on the 2nd shot, after a first-round ranging shot for the spotter. Iron sights, by the way.

And likewise, I've never known him to claim to be a precision rifleman such as Doc Russia or even KdT's son Jack.

I've seen both Jack and Doc Russia shoot, and can attest to their truly amazing capabilities.

In other words, KdT is quite like Tam and the rest of us, who are far better shots in most any arena than our fuddite friends and neighbors. That said, most of us don't claim to be "all that" in the competitive world, because we just don't live there.

Still, I'd put money on most any of us when the chips are down to end up the victor in most any armed confrontation with the average thug.

So no, I have no threats to offer against Tom. I'm just that unimpressed by him. Asskicking? Why bother?

What he does deserve though, is a bitchslap across the face for being such an ill-mannered lout and boor. I'm sure the line of applicants for that task would be very nearly endless.

I've not had the pleasure of meeting lady Tam, but I've read her enough over the years to have a fair measure of her savvy of both guns and people. Unlike Tom, she handles adverse opinion with fair amounts of grace and humor.

Pity she and KdT fell out over some slights or snarkitude in times past. We all have our imperfections, and it sucks when those align into things that drive what should be friends, apart.

Tom though, just ain't friend material. Tam and KdT had enough class to have said their respective pieces and to have cleared their respective sixes from one another.

Tom though, doesn't have the class of the turd I flushed this morning, and proves it repeatedly by his comments here.

Tom, you indeed might be Speedy Accurate Gonzales on the IDPA line, and you might very well be affluent enough to buy and brag about your Merkel.

Neither of which makes you a man, or worthy of respect, deference or even due regard for your opinions. In my view, you are none of those.

Even if everything you claim of yourself is true, you're then only a skilled and lucky savant, serving only as a bad example of a waste of skill and success.

So, Tom, as you masturbate into your latest printout of IDPA standings, the rest of us will be out enjoying our shooting and our lives.

All the more so, because you're not a part of them.

Tam, keep up the good work here, ma'am. It is a measure of your success that your works here illustrate the smallness of the Toms of this world.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Caleb said...

On behalf of IDPA, USPSA, and Steel Challenge shooters everywhere, I would kindly ask you Jim to not lump us in with this retard.

Jim said...


No offense to any of the action sports or affiliated shooters was intended, amigo. Woe upon me should I ever think such a thing!

A second reading of my screed will, I believe, reveal that my ire was directed soley at Tom, and not at the action sports or other participants thereof.

I could perhaps have made that distinction a bit brighter though, so I duly apologize for my literary muddieness.

It would though do the heart good to see an entire IDPA line refuse to shoot with that retard, just on principle.

The Biblical example of "shaking the dust off of one's shoes" seems to be a fitting end to that man's acceptance among respectable friends and shooters.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Caleb said...

Well, I'd invite him up to Indy to shoot out IDPA matches, but I'd hate for him to waste the gas just to get DQ'd for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Kristopher said...

Caleb: Youtube him DQ'ing himself, and we'll pass the hat for his fuel bill.

atlharp said...

This troll post is the gift that keeps on giving!


All I need now is some beer, chips, and a recliner. Ah......!

James family outpost, Iowa. said...

Aw, tom, do come out and play. I was just fun'n ya.
I did not threaten to drive down just to teach you some manners, I'm going to be in the area anyway. "Terroristic threats?" I do not ever point weapons at people, that is for mall-ninja wet dreams, so sleep safely, sweet Pugsley.
Um, you have anything nice to say about K-22's?

Gay_Cynic said...

It doesn't surprise me Tom hasn't gotten any phone calls or e-mails. Such is not unusual when one jumps up'n'down striving by their crudity and manners to prove they are beneath contempt.

In this attempt, it appears, Tom has completely succeeded.

I've somehow missed out on the pleasure of viewing Tom's web page, but given the vile mannerisms he displays here, I'm not overwhelmed by the need to visit his personal intellectual cesspool.

While I doubt - based on the fact that most folks involved in the action sports that I've met (online and off) are polite, respectful, and generally decent folks - that Tom is actually involved in such activities, I'm prepared to grant that there are exceptions to most rules. Tom may actually be involved in the action sports in heavy mufti, as I cannot imagine anyone civilized tolerating the behavior he displays here.

While the good Lady Tam indulges in the art of the snark from time to time - she consistently does so with grace and wit, a confection of sarcasm and spice, as opposed to Toms' clumsiness and crudity.

A pox upon him and all his ilk, an embarrassment to all with whom they would associate.


Brian said...

Wow. I really need to find more time to spend on the internet as I missed this nonsense by being offline for a couple of days.

I'll wager a dollar that the only reason tom didn't post in ALLCAPS is either a weak left hand all encompassing addiction to kiddie porn and long cached bottles of orange Cisco.

That wasn't nice.

I know that stung a bit though. Bith.

Dude, you're still reading this thread. Just stop. You can end the cycle. Bith.

My blogger word verification is "phapp" which is the sound of your Spam hitting the fry-pan as you ponder your lonely dinner and questionable education. Bith. Done with you.

Hey Tam - just trying to do my part to get the comments on this post up to a hunski or so.

Strings said...

Ummm... can someone explain to me where and why "Tom" reached out and attacked like that? My brain isn't processing where he was slighted...

Heh... word verification is "butter"... maybe some of that would help his butt-hurt...