Saturday, April 25, 2009

I did okay.

I did alright at the pin shoot; there's no shame in getting beat by Caleb, after all. (As a matter of fact, I think all the shooters that beat me went on to win either the overall bracket or the second chance bracket.) I've got to work on keeping my cool and not rushing my shots when I get a pin lying on its side that hasn't been cleared from the table.

The 147gr JHPs worked as hoped, knocking the pins off with alacrity on anything like a solid hit.

Afterward we drove up to Lafayette and met up with Shootin' Buddy who gave Bobbi some basic AR instruction for her new carbine at his local range, since she had never fired one before.

I am absolutely whupped after hours of range time and a couple hours of driving, to boot, but it's a happy kind of exhausted. I will sleep the sleep of the just and be all recharged for the blogmeet activities tomorrow. Hope to see some of y'all at Eagle Creek to bust caps before lunch!


Anonymous said...

OT: Worked the Colorado State Shooting Assoc. booth at the Tanner Gun Show in Denver this am. Big crowds, outrageous prices. Finally found some .45 LC in cowboy loads for my son. $167+ for four boxes. Still looking for a K-17 for him.
He did get four newbies to the rifle range the other day. He'd spent time with them before, going over safety rules. He said it was a good day; the crew wants to do this again. On the way out they noticed the skeet houses - maybe that's next. Did I mention I'm trying to find him a K-17?
Tam, you and Xavier are a bad influence on the kid! And, maybe, me too. OldeForce

Lorimor said...

Yeah, that's what I'd call a satisfying day.