Thursday, April 23, 2009

I think that laboratory scientists cause cancer in mice.

A Nerf World advocate in Arizona is claiming that, in addition to being able to kill you dead, lead-free "green" tungsten ammunition might also cause your kid to grow a second head if you lick the bullets like an all-day lolly. Discussion is ongoing at Farmer Frank's place.


T.Stahl said...

Back in the army we were once lectured by a representative of an Accident Prevention & Insurance Association, who also told us about the dangers of asbestos and formaldehyde.
"The Americans exposed rats to such excessively high concentrations of formaldehyde that they had to develop cancer. Here in Germany we had a different approach. We looked for people who are regularly exposed to formaldehyde - like pathologists. Guess what? Their life expectancy is above average..."

The bullets they are talking about seem to be of the frangible kind.

Ask a chemist what's worse to a forest and its animals: the lead bullet or the spent brass casing?

Anonymous said...


it's no longer just for the un-hospitalized chronic schizophrenic.

and the quiet crowd of 'just a gun owner' think that the green tinfoil hat and MarxoLenin crowd will leave them alone, because they are law abiding and pay their taxes. Or go to church...oops.

John, the Red

Mikee said...

Lotsa those leadbullets put into the ground during the Civil War are still mostly intact, with a slight patina of lead oxide making them inert to their environment. Just saying, is all.

I also wondered the first time I saw a box of Bismuth shotgun shells, what the good of that was. Heavy metal is heavy metal, and if ducks eat enough of almost any flavor they will not only sink more often, they will pass that metal on to those who consume them.

Thank goodness that depleted uranium never made it to use for projectiles. The enviros would have their heads exploding left and right over that non-issue. Wait, nevermind.

TJP said...

Everything causes cancer, notably old age. I'm not so much concerned about the cancer as the other symptoms of poisoning:

When we have a bunch of Fudds running around wounding game with brittle "non-toxic" bullets, tungsten poisoning by ingestion becomes a possibility. I know from my experience and that of others that when metallic lead passes through the body, only one of the two possible ways to pass is lethal.

Lead is much cheaper, easier to recycle (even at home!), and has ductility that makes it more suitable for hunting.

I know what you're saying Tam: there was that aspartame study, which failed to take into account kidney failure from consuming 45 to 90 cans of soda a day. But I just don't want my game meat full of tungsten shards.

Don Gwinn said...

Personally, I'm going to load the rest of the frangible bullets I've got on hand into ammunition. I've been stuffing them into a pepper grinder and sprinkling them over salads, but now that I think of it, that *did* taste a little funny.

bedlamite said...

I always thought it was the state of California that caused cancer in laboratory animals. That seems to be the common theme in all of the warnings.

B Smith said...

Warning: "eating a bullet" may now be even MORE hazardous to your health.

I wonder if this new, more lethal bullet will have an effect on the suicide-by-gun rate.

Weer'd Beard said...

"I think that laboratory scientists cause cancer in mice."

Heh we just implanted some human cancer cells into into some imuno-compromised mice. Those puppies will grow over the next few weeks then we'll test the drugs on them.

Yep, they didn't have cancer when they entered the lab, now they have cancer, and there is blood LITARALLY on my hands.

: ]

Anonymous said...

"...there is blood LITARALLY on my hands."

Soap and water.

Combine and apply to hands.

Rub hands briskly together, paying extra attention to fingernails.


Go have a beer, and offer a prayer that you have found a way to help reduce the suffering of HUMANS through your experiments.

In fact, have a beer, on me, for trying!Side bar: I haven't noticed any of the "animal rights" types stepping up offering to take the place of the mice...

Like the "Man-made Co2" folksies would be more credible if they sealed plastic bags over their heads to reduce emissions...

I'm just saying.