Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've seen the future, brother, and it is nutbar.

Presented without editorial comment:
  1. April 15th, 2009 1:31 pm

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dneylon said...

at least his nom de plume was accurate

trainer said...

Damn. First I'm a crazy right wing extremist, and now I'm a fat, balding, impotent, middle-aged loser. Geeze, make up your little mind.

Is 62 still middle-aged? Thanx Spaz.

Liberals with guns? There must be all of 6 of them, and the guns were inherited.

I'll bet on the right wing extremists.

Anonymous said...

Leftties with guns vs. right-wing extremists? Hmmm, how did that play out during the Spanish Civil War, Bolshevik Boy?


If we do this, let's tango while I still have my legs and eyes.

Shootin' Buddy

theirritablearchitect said...

I'll willingly go in with the lot, taking them at their part, or together, with only my bare hands.

They need only extend the invitation as to the specifics.

The rest can be sorted as it comes.

Stranger said...

Someone should remind Spaz that Napoleon said, "The fire is all." Or in American,"firepower is everything." And that talking a good fight will lead to trouble.

I rather suspect those among us who fought across the Pacific, who went to Korea to keep us rookies dumb butts in one piece, and from those wars went to Nam, and came back for the two Iraq wars will greatly outnumber their opponents. If things do hair over, that will not be be their first rodeo.

Sure, Vernon Howell, aka David Koresh, and his followers had a few guns. But Howell was just a civilian with a good thing going. When things hair over the smart money goes on age, experience, the guns in the closet, and the ammunition on hand.

Noticed gun and ammo sales lately? The left has not been doing their share of stimulating the economy.

Age? Old is ten years older than you are. As long as you can hit what you aim at, age is not a disability in a guerrilla war. Ask Morning Star - better known as Dull Knife.


Joe Huffman said...

"Balding" and "middle-aged" fits. I'm not so sure "fat" or "loser" does. And when I can get first round hits from 1000 yards away I don't think they are going to care about the number of hairs on my head or the number of candles on my birthday cake.

Sigivald said...

He also seems to not understand that the Davidians didn't want to kill a bunch of Feds.

They just wanted to be left alone - no amount of massacring would have produced that result.

My understanding of the Waco siege is that they hardly attempted to attack their besiegers, and it's at least as likely as not that the Federal agents started the shooting and bungled the entire raid through rank incompetence.

Anonymous said...

"Presented without editorial comment"

Aww, c'mon Tam. Please? A little one maybe? I'm dyin' here.


Anonymous said...

Who said it will be the Conservatives against the Feds?

I know a bunch of liberal parasites that will be getting a surprise if everything goes all Zimbabwe.

I know a few of them who will be failing at redistributing my shelter and sustenance.
An M-1A or M-1903A3 will trump any handgun at 300 yd, and remember Kent State. A mob of 2000 vs 77 Guardsmen with M-1 Garands. One 13 second volley dispersed the mob.

Times change, but human nature doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Memo to Spaz:

I'm your huckleberry.

Say when.

Sorry, couldn't resist!


bob r said...

"... It would be the end of the Republican Party ..."

One would surely hope so. But that shouldn't be taken to mean the "liberals" would still be around when the dust settled.

og said...

Bring it.

Middle aged, balding, and all; I've been shot, stabbed, bones broken, and on my very worst day, I could take all he has to give, and come back and break him.

No, I wouldn't shoot him. I cannot conceive of letting the bullet have all the fun I could have with my bare hands.

The funny thing is, all these assholes are talking about "We won" and yadda yadda, and if it wasn't for the adults paying the bills, not one of them could make it a week. I never met a liberal who could find his ass with a geiger counter if shit was radioactive.

James E. Griffin said...

As I've always said, freedom of speech is important: it's easier to spot the hemorrhoids* that way.

*Because a human sphincter valve occasionally has a useful function.

mariner said...

It seems to me that many here are misunderstanding spaz.

His point is that leftists control the government. The government in turn controls the police and military forces, which are both better-armed and better-trained than the great majority of conservative/libertarian civilians.

Politicians will not hesitate to use those forces to kill Americans who refuse to follow their orders or obey their laws (regardless of how odious), and those forces will by and large comply with the politicians' wishes.

Remember it was the National Guard that confiscated firearms in New Orleans after Katrina -- and they're not even full-time active-duty military.

AFAIK no Guardsman refused orders, even though anyone with two brain cells to rub together could see that those orders were blatantly unconstitutional.

Tam said...

"Politicians will not hesitate to use those forces to kill Americans who refuse to follow their orders or obey their laws (regardless of how odious), and those forces will by and large comply with the politicians' wishes."

You seem awful frickin' confident of that.

NOLA 2005 was a small slice of the country and a long time ago. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

Care to bet? I'll cover that wager.

Stretch said...

"Youth and skill are no match for old age and treachery.”

og said...

I got news for Spaz and his compadres. There won't be any civillian disarmament to prevent a revolution because there won't be a revolution in the traditional sense. What will happen- if push comes to shove- is his worst nightmare, and he doesn't even know what that is yet. But of all the gun toting whackoes I know, and I know a lot of them (kidding, of course) not one of them would ever fire a shot except in defense, but all would do a LOT of things in offense that would make Spaz curl up in a ball and start keening. We're smarter, we're better, and frankly, we're already used to hard work.

Anonymous said...

Well, then.

Some of us have learned a lot since Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Some of us have learned a lot more since Katrina.

I am supremely confident that neither I nor my compatriots will fire the first shot.

I am damn sure one of us will fire the last one.

I offer, Spaz, that neither you nor we will enjoy what comes between those two points.

Not even a little bit.

kbarrett said...

Stretch: He ain't skilled.

I doubt he can do any better than staying mostly on the paper at 50 yards with that SKS he prolly bought second hand.

If he's even shot it.

He's exactly the kind of emo loser that shoots up people at a mall when depressed ... he must be posting while manic.

I expect we'll see his face on the news at some point.

atlharp said...

Uh......if Homie wants to tango, then by all means! LOL! Really, if these guys wanna get all Che Guevara then they have to bear the cost of it.

I will say this- if Obama keeps looking at the military as right-wing extremists, then who is he gonna have to guard the White House? Sheesh.....what a tool!

Earl said...

If I didn't very carefully respect your blog Tam, I would think you were just trying to tweak my mean streak, but since I am so much an impotent loser (although I am not a Republican, I am a Rifleman) I will have to go cut the front lawn and hope for a better world, need to write the President of Mexico, I don't believe he thinks the Assault Weapons Ban was a good idea - although ABC says so, his English is better than theirs.

Bob said...

Well, if it happens, it will certainly be a chance to clear out deadwood in this country. Bees clean the hive by removing the drones (non-workers) that do nothing but use up resources. Maybe we need to take a hint from the bees.

Michael W. said...

Well Spaz,

As we say down here in cracker country,

Son, their ain't nothing between us but air and opportunity, and if you take a deep breath, the air is all gone.

So come on in, the waters fine. -grin-

TJP said...

It doesn't matter. I don't plan on threatening any "liberals", much less harm them physically in any way. What would be the point? They aren't going to do anything to me. They never do. They're all screaming and spittle, but they always hire big, mean men do the real work. And, of course, to hire big, mean men, they need money. That's why any sort of reduction in taxation is the equivalent of the apocalypse to them.

We're being threatened by the practicioners of progressive statism, who disavow "violence" (but not state violence) more often than a compulsive washes his hands. These people know nothing about the appropriate application of force. Who are the armed "liberals"? Scott Isaacs, a man whose trigger discipline suggests that his high school yearbook superlative was, "most likely to have his name appear in a police report containing the words, 'self-inflicted gunshot wound to the genitals'"? Disarmed Hollywood actors who were caught trying to sneak a handgun on a flight? Is Richard Daley going to loan out his bodyguards? Who?

Progressive Statists doing their own dirty work. Ha ha! I have a better chance of seeing my taxes cut by fifty percent.

Face it "progressives", we control the purse and we have people who can pay their own medical bills, pay for their own homes, and manufacture their own ammunition. You have people who call 911 because McDonalds is out of Chicken McNuggets. You're fucked.

atlharp said...

"Face it "progressives", we control the purse and we have people who can pay their own medical bills, pay for their own homes, and manufacture their own ammunition. You have people who call 911 because McDonalds is out of Chicken McNuggets. You're fucked."

Man, if that ain't it in a nutshell. LOL!

Jim said...

They have lists, and we're on them. They think they have a monopoly on that franchise, do they?

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

og said...

Shit, they have people who call 911 in the middle of a drug deal.

Anonymous said...

Hey, spazebo,

Go get some John Ringo read, and blister that organ that passes for y'r brain.

Who do you think, will form effective voluntary co-operative groups in the face of civil disorder?

I'll betcha it ain't gonna be y'r Auntie Guns, and her buds.

As to the Gov Forces taking away Civvie guns, the way the returning veteran's demographic & political references are reading, the Leftie Govs appears to view them as a real threat to ONE-ocracy.

Nice of you to provide some witless entertainment, tho. Consider: the gun owners are by nature rather self sufficient and not prone to twittering for social comfort.

However,there is a ground swell of gun folks' linkage in the making, out there. A MOVEMENT is afoot, Dr Watson. And it ain't the shixx you drop from y'r oral cavity, neither.

How you and y'r Neo-Stally buds gonna like having to hear about a 50 or 60,000 person, informal family target shoot, in some farmer's cornfields? Say in south Central Indiana, mebbe.

It'll be a New Woodstock for a New Age, and YA'all are gonna be the one's thinin', "somthin' is happenin', but you don't what it is, do you Mr. Jones?"

Ya think Jane A-pauly and the Criminal Mass Media are gonna be pleased to cover that: a crime-free, peaceful convocation, that actually opens with a effin prayer, and commences to a weekend of gunfire? Yeah, Crimeny on Crutch, Knob Creek is bad enuff counter-agit-prop, ain't it? Ooopsie, hunh?

Such a gathering is gonna be some of that 60% minority of Americans who want NO MORE gun controls. Hell, even Pelosi, the human Tampax-brain gets that, and promises to bide her time until another mass shooting by a government sponsor'd madman can be arranged.

Oooh, I'm sorry...I'm sorry if that sounded a bit over the top: NOT!!! Bwahhahahahaha, and etc.

Yeah, I'd bet that that the heirs to Reno the Child Burner and her Mentor Bitch are back in the Outhouse of the White House lookin' for a likely buncha of sub-100 IQ snake jugglers, who marry their own siblings.

That's because good targets are harder to find nowadays, what with the 'FBI burn'em to death' tactics being so well known anymore. Do you by chance find it odd, that the FBI used to look for left wing targets and now seems to favor more Conservative and Religious Groups for their "Let's Make An Example of...." exercises.

Yup, bonzo, y'r missive is entertaining, precisely because it illustrates the Gullible Totalitarian Operative Set, other wise known as Useful Fools, which you and y'rs so well represent.

John, the Red

and bingo: how apropos -- chothu

"Why Vote For The Lesser Evil?"

Oleg Volk said...

I wonder which Army will do Obama's bidding? The local base is covered in NO-Bama stickers.

Grumpyunk said...

John The Red - There's a nice big field right across the road from me in South Central, Indiana. See ya there! I'll bring coffee.

og said...

The Army of Whiners. They have their phasers set to "annoy"

Mike said...

I'll leave it at one Quotable Quote for our boy "spaz":

"Never let your mouth write a check that you can't bank enough ass to cover..."

mts said...

They moan about the persecution of the Hollywood blacklists, yet now make their own. Hey, if I'm not on some leftist's s**t list, I feel I haven't done enough for my country to be on one, and am inspired to work harder.

Why are people in government scared of conservatives who get involved and become activists, while not so much for liberals who do the same? Because they know liberals are full of it and don't have their hearts in it. Today they're scared of global warming, yeaterday, it was worrying over the homeless, the day before, the rain forest, etc.

Conservatives, however, seldom get involved, but when they do, it's to the marrow of their bones, and they're in it to win it.

wv: balti, maybe in commemoration of the Baltic Way, when 2 million people in 3 countries held hands and sang in a line to tell the Soviets "no more."

Tennessee Budd said...

Damn, I'm (temporarily) moving on 4 wheels instead of two legs, & I could still take Spaz, I'm sure.
Especially since my chair is equipped with my revolver, whenever I'm sitting in it. Give me 6 weeks, & I'll kick his ass on my crutches.

Toaster 802 said...

Kids these days run their mouths, because all of the liberal pap about non violence has led to being able to talk shit in the school yard without having to back it up.

Well Spaz, welcome to the real playground. NOT the same as the old one. And the teacher is to busy playing with his new water dog to make sure Johnny doesn't get busted in the head for talkin' smack.

Robb Allen said...

Here's a point that goes over the one situated on top of Spaz's head

We KNOW about Waco because they shot back. Had they not fought, they would have been silently rounded up and imprisoned and Americans would have had no idea it ever happened.

From my readings, this gave the Clinton administration a lot of heartburn and stopped them from doing similar planned raids.

perlhaqr said...

Sadly, I know some book smart and well paid leftists who are actually happy to pay their taxes.

I'm not sure we can starve them enough.

Gewehr98 said...

Sounds like Spaz had sand in the folds, too.

The Freeholder said...

Methinks someone needs to up the dosage on their medication....

NJSoldier said...

I've been in Marine Infantry and Army Armor. Neither of them are going to go around confiscating guns. Half the officers and all the NCO's would refuse the illegal order and walk - right over to the other side.

Tam said...



Anonymous said...

Liberals have guns too.

And unlike conservatives ... we can actually shoot straight.
I can't decide if this just bluster or he actually believes it, but however many exceptions you muster on either side, this is just laughably backwards.

But you know what? Those crazies at Waco had a LOT of fucking guns and ammo. And how did they do against the Feds?The "crazies" at Waco weren't looking for a fight; they ceased firing and let the ATF retrieve their casualties after the ATF ran out of ammo in the initial raid; worst of all they thought they would be allowed to defy the government and stay free, when they should have either surrendered to save their children (or most of them, since the ATF were firing wildly on the first raid) or fought for real since they had nothing to lose.

But they didn't know the the stakes of a Waco-style raid; we do, now. A lot of people have done "lessons learned" on Waco. Google "Waco rules" for one instance. And thanks for reminding us.

kbarrett said...

That Waco compound was filled with Jesus-freaks who had discovered they could make money at gunshows.

If it had been filled with competent shooters, F-Troop would have died to the man, and the FBI would have shown up later that day to find a compound that was empty except for some BATF uniformed corpses out front.

Assrot said...

Folks like this don't even deserve a response. He's obviously either 16, border line mental or retarded. Possibly all 3.

Quick, somebody cut his cajones off before he messes up the gene pool any worse than it is.


Cybrludite said...

Spaz might be well advised to look at a map showing the county by county election results. He should then ponder two things: The demographics of our modern all-volunteer military and where all the food comes from. Logistics will beat elan every time.

Turing word: bleure: What the map won't be afterwards.

Anonymous said...

some one please make sure there is some clorox put into this gene pool. The poor delusional bastard( no mother or father would ever claim this one!) Makes you wonder about the education system.

Steve C said...

This is the funniest thing I've read since Mall Ninja. OH NO! Run! The hippy's got a gun!

Truthsayer said...

It's the Libertarians they should be afraid of, anyway.

GeorgeH said...

The nuts at Waco actually had less guns per capita than is average in Texas. The rest was the ATF's propaganda to cover up their screw up.

mariner said...


"Confident" is not the word I use for myself. You seem pretty confident yourself, and believe me I hope to God you're right.

Thanks for the pointer to the Oath-Keepers site. If this is a significant movement maybe we don't have quite as much to worry about as I feared. (Just a LEETLE less, mind you but I'll take anything I can get.)

That being said, remember that the Clinton administration spent billions of dollars arming federal agents in the 1990s and our state and local police forces have come to resemble occupying armies themselves.

Turing test: duchbon (If I had your way with words I could do something with that.)

mcthag said...

I know such a liberal with a gun. (Our wives are friends so I get to spend time with him telling me a I am a moron for being conservative).

He cannot shoot for spit.

I've never seen him with a target farther away than 15 yards ON THE RIFLE RANGE. His 15 yard groups fired from sandbags look like my 100 yard groups off-hand, standing. I know it's him too, because I can shoot much better with his gun. The best part is he refuses to be told how to improve.

He honestly thinks I am insane for practicing "such long range" shots. I just don't have the heart to tell him that 100 yards is not long range for a rifle.

Anonymous said...

Oh you Connies and Libbies crack me up.
I haven't heard this level of discourse since eighth grade.
But it is good to hear that you're all...
A. So damned tough
B. Such good shots (One of the most marketable skills out there - ain't nobody can say you're wasting your time. When a job application asks re shooting skills, all us Socialist Bastards have to lie.)
When your 10,000 round of ammo start looking like a somewhat... premature purchase, I'll be happy to buy it from you.