Sunday, May 03, 2009

You gotta wonder how he remembers to breathe.

“I love everything he’s done and everything he’s doing,” Bennett said of Obama. “I think we should give him all-out support for anything he wants to do. We should all help. He’s giving our country back to us, and that’s the laws of the land – the citizens own the country.”
The utter vacuousness of those words does have one positive effect for Mr. Bennett: It makes him almost impossible for me to lampoon. Nothing you could put in his mouth would damn what passes for his intellect as much as his own utterances.

"Anything he wants to do"? Such trust! Such devotion! Such servility! Such throat-baring docility! Unglaublich!

(H/T to Liberty Girl)


Matt G said...

Looks like San Francisco ain't the only place Tony left his heart.

Good gawd. I have never had a man-crush like that in my life.

Tell me again why we persist in publishing the political opinions in guys whose lifetime professions have primarily dealt with making curtain calls and hitting the right notes in "Rags To Riches"?

Perhaps because the truth is simply that Mr. Bennett recognizes our President for what he is: the most successful performance artist at present.

Rio Arriba said...

Never had any opinion of the man, but he always seemed an affable dude. I had no idea he was an idiot.

Army of Dad said...

"...and that's the laws of the land..."

Except the Constitution, not that law of course.

Ed Foster said...

Be kind. A highschool dropout who worked as a delivery boy and singing waiter, a draftee who concocted a dramatic war record the defense department doesn't know anything about. Cut him some slack.

For reference, March through May of '45 in a rear echelon ordinance unit, followed by a year sitting around in a replacement depot, waiting while guys with more points went home before him. Just about everyone in the ETO had more points than him, because they actually did something.

Yet, somehow, the experience was somehow so traumatizing he became a life long pacifist, sometime in the 1970's, when being a Weltschmertzic "War Hero" no longer had any leverage.

Some of the brightest people I know are dropouts, but they are folks who have a clue. They lacked only the chance to use what they had in a traditional environment, and generally have done rather well going their own way. The real world is still responsive to hustle and objectivity.

Here we have another member of the self ordained Guiding Lights. Meryl Streep on Alar, Bono on international relations and economics, Alec Baldwin on anything more challenging than zipping his fly.

If the transistors all melted tomorrow, I'd miss the blogs and quick access to neat stuff it would otherwise take me hours in a library to find. But I would enjoy the hell out of the peace and privacy that would ensue.

How did we ever let the media convince most of us that notorious was the same thing as intelligent?

Mr. Fixit said...

He went on to say:
“First of all, I think he’s one of the great orators of all time,” said Bennett. “I was impressed with Governor Cuomo and Martin Luther King and the way they spoke, and he [Obama] is so intelligent, and he’s such a great orator."

Mr teleprompter? An orator?


Mr Fixit

alath said...

He has a nice resonant singing voice.

Apparently, judging by the publicly expressed opinions of singers, this effect is enhanced when there is no soft tissue inside the calvarium to interfere with vocal reverberations.

Rabbit said...

Further proof that alien technology exists. Beginning in the 1960's, Tony Bennett was replaced with iBennett, much like the later iDog, a cute, animatronic anthropomorphic toy to which you connect a pre-recorded song or message, which commands the device to wag his head, mouth, and ears in time to the tune fed through cabled inputs to a speaker located inside the device.

See also the iPoitier, the iGlover, and the defective yet still produced iPenn.



Loose Gravel said...

"...that’s the laws of the land – the citizens own the country.” And soon the citizens' collective, dba as The Federal Government, will own the car manufacturers, the financial institutions, the....

If I own the country, why am I still paying rent every April?

staghounds said...

I'm so stealing that, with the pinata line from RX I'll seem such a wit.

And I'm in total solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International on our President's rhetoric and oratory. Paragraph 18 is when it gets to the best part, Trotskyists go on and on-

"The media made numerous attempts to equate Obama and Lincoln as orators and writers. For example, David Jackson of USA Today called Obama's phrases "reminiscent of those of Abraham Lincoln."

Such comparisons are an affront to Lincoln and, to be frank, the English language. While he has occasionally interspersed his speeches with phrases from Lincoln, Obama can be considered an eloquent speaker only to the extent that he is measured against his semi-literate predecessor in the White House."

(Is there a way to make that link red instead of blue?)

Enough political tripe, my favourite Sugababes remix is on the stereo! Later.

Michael said...

“First of all, I think he’s one of the great orators of all time,” said Bennett.

Things Obama has in common with Adolf Hitler:
1) Great Orator
2) Socialist
3) Adoring fans who will follow their Leader in anything he says.

the pistolero said...

Mr teleprompter? An orator?Yep, I was about to say, TOTUS ain't gonna like that...

Anonymous said...

FZ said it best: "Shut up and play your guitar."

Once again an overinflated ego and underpowered intellect prove why celebrities should been seen and not heard on matters they don't comprehend.


mts1 said...

Senility is a terrible thing. Sinatra retired 20 years too early (recognized that, and restarted his career), but Bennett retired 20 years too late.

Matt G said...

mts1-- we don't have a problem with his singing.

Anonymous said...

Such throat-baring docility!Ewwwwweeeeee. . .

Le Bolide said...

That interview made me rant.