Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fun Nature Facts:

The Portuguese Man o' War has a gas-filled bladder that keeps its central structure semi-rigid.

This is so that you can distinguish a large, ocean-going jellyfish from the GOP, which has plenty of gas-filled bladders, but is utterly devoid of anything like rigidity.


Jay G said...

Don't get me started on how deeply I LOATH the GOP for abandoning Brown.

Although he doesn't stand a chance - have you seen the shady characters he associates with?

Anonymous said...

How about the GOP's abandonment of Jack Ryan?

When the hottest Trekkie alive described a strip club in Paris (that she said she had never been in) the GOP ran like the wind away from him and . . . we got Barack Obama. Ta-da!

You can always count on the GOP establishment to pull the rug out from under you as a candidate. It might offend the Democrats in their country clubs.

Shootin' Buddy

2yellowdogs said...

And that's the difference between Dems and the GOP. In the same situation, the Dems would NEVER abandon the guy. In fact, they'd hold him up as in inspiration and an example of overcoming life's obstacles. Then they'd attack anyone who suggests he should drop out as a judgemental moralist.

The GOP, however, suffers acute testicular disappearance any time a candidate is found to have something as scary as an unpaid parking ticket in his background.

Anonymous said...

"any time a candidate is found to have something as scary as an unpaid parking ticket in his background."

Jack Ryan did not even have that.

Jack Ryan was hounded out of the race by the GOP for asking his wife for sex.

Shootin' Buddy

Weer'd Beard said...

That reminds me of this story:

before there was the Birther movement there was a small murmur that he potentially purgered himself when he was admitted to the bar.

IANAL so I'm not sure how true it was...doesn't fucking matter, nobody cared.

Aaron said...

Ah, the RNC, never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

"...never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

It may not be a simple as blatant stupidity (though there is plenty of that in the Party). Consider the possibility that the GOP is in fact a soundly Progressive party, loathing conservatives and hating the fact that they need the conservative vote. As we speak they're still polling us, trying to figure out what it is they should pretend to believe so as to get votes. A principled conservative party wouldn't need to ask. Ever. -- Lyle

Anonymous said...

So wossname exercises his Constitutionally-recognized right to free assembly/speech (and to free willy, by the sound of it) for agreed commercial terms, for a magazine which people could buy or not according to their wishes.

This is bad, how?


Wolfwood said...

There are signs of hope, though. A few aspects of the media have finally begun criticizing Democrats, even if it's usually just SNL or the Daily Show taking the low-hanging fruit. What would be nice is a party or movement that makes good governance its primary motivating factor. As much as Americans disagree about issues, we're generally pretty united on wanting openness, honesty, and a minimum of waste. If we're not busy wasting money then failed policies don't have the same risk and impact as they do now. By lowering the stakes, perhaps opponents will be more willing to try new things and be less needing to try and save face.