Sunday, January 10, 2010

Plagiarism: The Plague of the Intarw3bz.

allegedly originally from
LT Bruce Braxton
Master Instructor Trainer
College Park (GA) Police Dept.

Obviously Lt. Braxton is kin to Maj. Caudill.


Anonymous said...

Did Fletcher and Harrington write about how your wheel lock and flint lock suck too?

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

moot argument they all have their places. It depends on what you really need the gun to do. thats why We have more than one!

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, in a survival situation no one knows exactly what you will need the gun to do. Therefore, you need the capability to carry 2000 rounds of armor-piercing, tracer, explosive, hollow-point ammo that has an effective range of 2000 yards. The rifle must weigh less than 6 pounds and be capable of 1/2 minute of angle accuracy during full auto fire with less than 6 foot pounds of recoil.
It should also mount a laser and a flashlight and be no more than 27 inches long.

Either that or a sharp stick...

Anonymous said...

"A glaring design error in the M1A is that it’s not black, which is why they invented the SOCOM."

Erh, what? My M1A is black =/

Tam said...

Some people take that whole thing way, way too seriously.

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough there is Bruce Braxton from College Park, GA USA