Friday, February 05, 2010

Because we don't like it, that's why.

More whining from the Indianapolis Parakeet Primer, this time on the issue of letting anybody other than muggers carry guns on the Monon Trail:
We have made these points before, and that has not stopped government from permitting firearms in Indiana state parks or national parks. So Coleman has a precedent, albeit an unfortunate one.
"Unfortunate"? I must have missed all those stories about CCW permit holders flipping out and shooting up state parks...

Why the sudden sloppy wet kisses for Ballard, anyway? The "No Enemies On The Left" editorial board at the Star hates his Republican guts, so the public hand-holding here is more than a little unusual.


OA said...

" the public hand-holding here is more than a little unusual."

Given how they're getting screwed by the president at the national level (has he kept even one of his campaign promises?) perhaps they'll take what they can get. "Guns are bad" has been a moderately productive well for them until recently when the public perception began to change. They would of course have to function in the real world to know such things, though.

Joel said...

"...far be it from us to question the people's right to know."

Unless it goes against our wishes, in which case we'll tell'em what they need to know.

Anonymous said...

"Why the sudden sloppy wet kisses for Ballard, anyway?"

The enemy (Ballard) of my enemy (NRA/gun owners) is my friend.

This is the same paper that reports, in detail, on the multiple attacks that transpire along a very large city park, the Monon Trail.

Shootin' Buddy

Joanna said...

Do they have a law against broadswords? 'Cause I would totally carry one on the trail if I could get it on my bike.

Anonymous said...

They teach sword in KM???

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

I've got a spare sword or two around here as well as some training manuals if you've got a notion to take up a new hobby, Joanna.


Grumpyunk said...

I started reading the comments and only made it to comment#7 here-

"The only time I EVER wanted to aim a gun at a male is when I see a Bubba/Goober type crawl down out of his truck cab and grin his poor dental work grin at me as he rubs the pseudophallic bulge of his sidearm."

John Edwards was right about there being 2 Americas. Hell, it might be 2 different Galaxies. He may have been speaking of economic differences but the ideology differences are stunning. There is no middle ground for the left.

Ritchie said...

The government in these parts technically does not "permit" us to do things. They, the ruling temps, may from time to time leave a few things unprohibited.

Weer'd Beard said...

Anti-gunners make dick-jokes? Who knew?

Joanna said...

I figure if I've got a big enough sword across my back (maybe even two of them!), it'll distract the po-po from anything else I might be carrying.

Also, no one wants to mug "that one crazy chick with the swords who's on her bike all the time."

John said...

Samurai bicyclists.

A whole new urban trend.

I"m thinkin' the WW1 Cossack cavalry sabre is about right, especially when y'r speed is up. A smaller and lithe katana would certainly do for slower speed pass-bys. And one should consider the un-curved thrusting blade, for straight ahead face to face perforation purposes.

In general, I'd be kinda prone to a spiked mace on a chain, but then I lack a sense of artistic delicacy in these matters.

dered -- but not dered enuff, yet.