Monday, February 08, 2010

QotD: At least waste my money on something cool.

As a conservative, I feel outraged enough that the government profligately wasted Chinese bondholder money on an ad in the Superbowl. -Brian J. Noggle
It's like finding out that not only have you been robbed, but the burglar used your money to buy a baggie of oregano and lawn clippings


Joanna said...

Heh heh.

I've always thought that NASA's project budget could be justified by gesturing at a large poster of the moon (or whatever) and saying "Eh? Eh? Am I right?" in a high-pitched, excited voice. I call it the "Because It's Space! Dude!" argument.

theirritablearchitect said...

Hey, come on now!

At least oregano and lawn clippings smell GOOD. What's been smoked by the gummint is more like a big turd.

Anonymous said...

I LOL'ed

TJP said...

You know what would make the Census a lot less painful? If they just counted everyone except the members of native tribes. I realize this would totally screw up unconstitutional vote-bribery schemes that pass for constitutional apportionment calculations--too bad.

The States are just going to have to dig deep into their own pockets to find ways to raise awareness of the plight of tri-sexual fixed-income wombat-herder retirees who don't vote incumbent.

Then the federal government wouldn't need to promote the benefits of not assaulting door-to-door federal interrogators.

Revolver Rob said...

I have only one response for census workers. "I pay taxes, the government already knows where I live, leave me alone."

Anonymous said...

Sort of a shame that although I watched the game, I didn't see the ads. Get coffee, or go pee, or check email, or empty an ashtray. Useful stuff, IOW.

The only ad I noticed was one that persuaded me that I should not buy Doritos. I don't recall the reason beyond the impression that if you have anything to do with them, pain becomes part of the deal. I'm not masochistic.