Sunday, January 02, 2011

I know you'll find this shocking and hard to believe...

...but a cop got busted in Indianapolis for drunk driving.

For a change, it wasn't an IMPD officer, but one from suburban Noblesville. The TeeWee news was careful to point out that "[t]he officer was off duty and not operating a city owned vehicle at the time of the incident", which marks him as something of an anomaly in these parts.

I swear, if I were to get pulled over and told to blow into the Intoxilyzer, it would take every scrap of self-control I had not to pop off with "You first, officer." (And the main reason I wouldn't is because I don't want to follow it up with "Don't taze me, bro!")

Metropolitan Indianapolis: Where the drunk drivers get pulled over and prosecuted by other drunk drivers!


Tango Juliet said...

It's becoming more and more difficult to maintain faith in the system. :(

genedunn said...

Well... it takes one to know one?

An said...

...but I'm sure there's a tremendous amount of empathy built in to the enforcers, considering... ~heh.

Montie said...

Here in Oklahoma, we do not use portable breathalyzers, but instead a large Intoxalyzer present at most police department and jail booking areas. Instead we assess a driver's probability of being intoxicated at the scene through the administation of a series of "Standardized Field Sobriety Tests".

The good part of this as relates to your point is that the officer must first demonstrate some of the tests to the person being tested. How are you going to demonstrate something you can't pass yourself?

Incidentally this is not the first Suburban officer from the Indianapolis area to have a similar problem lately. One thing I've noticed in police work is that all the small departments want to be just like the "big city" departments. Guess that runs true in the Indy area too.

Anonymous said...

I saw this headline after reading your post and found it funny:

"Tulsa Police, Troopers Hit The Bars New Years Eve"

But never fear, it is just the usual story about the cops staking out the place drunks start their driving from so they can ring in the new year from the slammer.

Matt G said...

In my admittedly anecdotal experience, the alcoholic cops don't make a lot of DWI/DUI arrests, unless they absolutely can't get out of it. If the guy wrecks in the mayor's front lawn, he goes to jail, but if he's just weaving a bit, then hey, no big deal, right?

Happily, I don't work with any alcoholic cops-- anymore. (And, seriously-- I only met one cop that I know had been drinking on duty, and at the time, I thought that he had stepped in a puddle of beer at the juvenile party that we had just busted. That was... my heavens! A decade ago!)