Saturday, January 01, 2011

It's almost not even newsworthy anymore.

A motorist notices a cop car swerving down the road and calls 911, giving them the license number. Supervisors show up at the home of the operating officer, a 15-year veteran by the name of Ron Santa, and give him a breathalyzer... Two years ago, I would have been outraged; now I'm just glad he didn't run over any motorcyclists.

No numbers have been released, but judging from the subsequent actions of the police department, it looks like be blew somewhere between zero-point-DePrez and a full Bisard.

Ah, my fair city sure does have more than its share of red-nosed boys and girls in blue!

In a not-unrelated bit of news, our new county prosecutor, gun-fearing-weenie Terry Curry, was sworn in last night to replace the corrupt and scandal-plagued Carl Brizzi. One of the main planks in Terry's campaign was that he was going to dry out the IMPD with a Twelve Step program, the first step of which would include re-opening the OWI case against David Bisard. Maybe he can put a breathalyzer at Deputy Prosecutor DePrez's desk while he's at it.


Turk Turon said...

I thought "K-9 Officer" was police jargon for a German Shepherd. Although, based on IMPD's recent history, if the patrol car was being driven by a drunk dog, with the human officer passed out in the back seat, it wouldn't raise too many eyebrows.

dave said...

I wonder what it would take for the local bars and liquor stores to band together and refuse to sell to cops. Call it a "public-safety boycott."

Ancient Woodsman said...

Geez, Dave...that just won't work. No businessman wants to alienate his biggest customer base.

Anonymous said...

This guy skates.

Defense lawyer (he had his 50K Sea Ray named "Acquitted" stored in my lot) once told me if you leave the car (or accident scene) you might get other charges, but not dui. 'Cause you know, you're so upset or whatever that you grab a quick one or six before you return to the scene or the boys come knockin' at your door.


Montie said...


He might skate on any criminal DUI charges unless IMPD can find enough sober officers to do a proper investigation. There are ways to establish the timeline for his level of impairment at the time of the breath test and they might be able to put him inthe car through radio traffic, call response or some other creative means.

The key though is: (a) finding a sober IMPD investigator to do the work and (b) investing as much energy in jamming up Officer Santa as they normally would in CYA.