Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Overheard at the Blogmeet:

RX: "...and it looks like they've moved the date for the rapture back."

Me: "That... This fascination with the end times and the tribulation that these people have, when half of that stuff isn't even in the... I mean, they'd be better off reading the actual scripture rather than stuff like Hal Lindsey, but it's... Look, Left Behind is just Twilight for holy rollers. 'My skin sparkles! I must be one of the Elect!'"


McVee said...

As a believer I roll my eye's and shake my head when I hear someone state something, some new Bible secret the rest of us have never read before, such as Camping and His ilk have. Most Christians I spoke with agree as well.

My common response is that just because you go to Church your no more a Christian than being in a barn makes you a farm animal.

But I will say, I am more of a supernatural believer, so scripturaly speaking regarding
1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. Yeah, I'm all about that. ;)


Borepatch said...

Ohhh, snap!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

They need to stop immanetizing the eschaton!

Anonymous said...

The bearded creature with a sandwich board predicting the end of the world has long been a staple for cartoonists. Funny thing: Hasn't happened, in spite of many a decade of such predictions.

Fifty years ago, there was a nationwide hoo-hah about what's now called End Times. Students from the University of Florida returned early from Christmas vacation to enjoy End Of The World parties. Other colleges also, most likely. The snapping of maidenheads was heard for miles.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Look, Left Behind is just Twilight for holy rollers.

Win. EPIC WIN!!!

I lol'ed a lot.


Anonymous said...

In the book of Acts Jesus tells someone that only the Father knows when in response to the question about when he's coming back. Why do these people ignore that very clear statement. If they truly have faith, just do your best, ask for salvation and be bleeping patient!

Firehand said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

When you've been in the Rapture predicting business as long as I have, you are bound to be wrong every once in a while.


Drang said...

I believe Mr. Camping is apologizing for the confusion, and is now saying he meant October 25.

Meanwhile, the Iranians are saying the 12th Imam is due June 12th.

Anonymous said...

"...the Iranians are saying the 12th Imam is due June 12th."

Delivery by FedEx or UPS?


atlharp said...

...and the dead in Christ will rise first

oops..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I do believe Gerry wins.


rickn8or said...

And you know somewhere, Fred Phelps is muttering "Shaddup shaddup SHADDUP!! You're makin' the rest of us look bad!

Anonymous said...

Rickn8or - I suggest that Phred in particular doesn't need anyone's help to make himself look bad.