Saturday, May 28, 2011

Children of the Corn.

It's been a rough planting season in corn country. Farmer Frank explains:
Remember back earlier in the year when I said the market 'wanted' 91 million acres of corn this year? And we historically had only planted 87 million in our biggest year? And I asked "Where were they going to get the acres?"
Read his whole post.

Then watch this space.


Keads said...

He sums it up succinctly. I have driven silage trucks for a dairy farm. The Majority of people do not have an understanding for how this all works.

I am more worried about the ethanol additives effect on the old cars. Hell, I already put lead substitute and octane booster in them! Both were rebuilt before the unleaded gas thingy.

Lead is one thing, I can stand the exhaust valve thing from that but ethanol seems to be a much more invasive thing to the old girls.

"Preliminary results have recently been reported on Hagerty’s website and they conclude:

"The results from the tests with the SU carburetors and fuel pumps suggest that E10 can be used in older vehicles, although the owner is likely to be faced with the additional costs associated with sealing fuel tanks and cleaning and rebuilding fuel systems more frequently than in the past. However, it’s best to be cautious about reading into these preliminary results until the tests of the five other fuel systems are complete. Until then, it’s safe to assume that you can continue to drive your collector vehicle using E10; it may just cost you more in the long run."

Cost me more. GREAT!

Anonymous said...

"Where wer they going to get the acres?"

By plowing up Detroit?

Shootin' Buddy

Jim said...

Where to find the extra 4 million acres? How about pulling it from the c. 30 million "Conservation Reserve Program" acres?

There are real downsides to the suggestion. In the first place, farmers would have to actually grow things in order to make money from that land. More disastrously, there would eventually be fewer pheasants for me to shoot at.

Anonymous said...

Well here in my part of Pa my farmer buds have 100's of acres to plant yet. Most aren't real worried because they've gone into the end of july before putting seed to dirt. Short seasons and later harvesting seems to be the norm here anymore.

As far as ethonal goes,May that whole debacle rot where it belongs...


McVee said...

Oh joy. Slightly O/T, It is my opinion that subsidies in general cause nothing but problems in the long run.

Unless of cause your the one benefiting. :)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Don't forget to add in the flooded land along the Mississippi and the drought that's hitting the Great Plains, all while the Global Population keeps heading to 7 that Fiddle Playing I hear wafting from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

Anonymous said...

Here in So. KY no one has cut hay yet because it's too darn wet. It probably means only two cuttings and the first will not be of the highest quality. We're a month behind.

Prices will be high and availablity of round bales (cattle) and square bales for horse will be limited. I feeding hay cubes at twice the cost of bales to my pasture pets. If I was trying to make a living at it it would be a big hit in the wallet.


John A said...

Ethanol in gas will not be stopped. The EPA administrators are insane on all "CO2" subjects, and it would take at least five years for Congress to move. No, I am not expecting Congress to de-fund EPA, that is a very dark horse indeed.

I can do without corn flakes for breakfast, but bacon? The world is ending, maybe that guy with the Oct 21 deadline has something after all.

Anonymous said...

Roll it all together and it's coming to a head VERY soon. The world isn't going to end, just change dramatically in a short period of time:

Anonymous said...

But, Tam, but but but...


"Farmers produce in response to demand."

So what do we need to do?