Monday, May 16, 2011

Time-stretching, scope-widening kinetic military action.

"I live in a place where there is completely impossible that I am eliminated," said the Libyan leader Saturday in a message also shown by TV...

"NATO cannot come and kill me where I am. For I live in the hearts of millions," declared the Libyan leader.
Yeah, and I have the heart of a small child... I wonder how deep you have to stack cardiac muscle to make a JDAM-resistant roof, anyway?

Anyhow, l'affair Ghaddafi drags through its second month, looking less "time-limited" by the moment, and forget that no-fly zone nonsense because this is becoming less and less scope-limited, too. Further, while we're taking sides in an armed revolt in Libya, the Syrians are mowing down unarmed demonstrators with impunity without a peep from NATO, because the Syrians, unlike the comic-opera Libyans, might actually shoot back.

Barry better green-light the smoking of another High Value Target before everybody remembers what's actually happening out there.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Col. G and Charlie Sheen inhabit the same mental dimension? And yes, this entire [charlie foxtrot] is looking suspiciously much like Joel Chandler Harris's tar baby.

jetaz said...

I had this fantastic mental image of a bunker built out of hearts, with Ghaddafi hunkered down inside it, slowly going crazy-er from the constant ,thump thump thump

Outsider said...

They already tried to flatten him once some weeks back..

I hope next time they martyr him and all his sons in Libya..

BTW.. I really wonder when it's gonna be admitted that he was innocent in Lockerbie(probably guilty of everything else pinned on him), and that it was really Iranians paying back* the US for one of it's destroyers confusing an Iranian 747 with a Iranian Tomcat carrying anti ship missiles..(I suspect the radar images look mightily different)

*it's kind of ironic how much has Mein Kampf cribbed from the Old Testament. That Islam is a plain ripoff of Judaism combined with Arab tribal nonsense has to be apparent to everyone..

Ultraorthodox Jews are basically smarter nazis(see ) in black hats and about three thousand more years of tradition and far higher IQs. Both groups are supremacist and view everyone else as slightly more than animals.

Anyway, the point is.. revenge.. eye for an eye isn't good policy. Preventing re-occurence of something undesirable is, but people often confuse the two.

Wow. You have a weird imagination.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tam, I borrowed this wonderful post for my blog. We love a good laugh over there.

Bubblehead Les. said...

At the White House this Morning-Hillary to Barry: "But I don't understand it! We got rid of half the enemies of Iran, yet we can't seem to get rid of Khaddaffi? I don't know what else to do! How are we going to push the Jews into the Sea unless we have a United Muslim Caliphate? Mr. President, please, just one 20 Kiloton Nuke, that'll send a Message the old Bastard will understand, then we can move on to Plan B".

Barry to Hillary: " Just like you tried to send a Message in Waco? Remember how well that worked out?"

Hillary to Barry: "That was Different! Today, we have the Main Stream Media on our side, and we control the Message!"

Barry to Hillary: "You seem to forget FoxNews, Talk Radio and those Damn Bloggers".

Hillary to Barry: "Well, Mr. President, as you might not know, we had a Trial run with our Friends over at Google a Few Days ago, and, working with their BLOGGER System, we were successful in our efforts to shut it down, wipe out their Voices of Dissent for almost a full day, and we were able to have the NSA successfully insert their latest Spybot technology to track all the authors and posters and commentators, so we can round them up any time".

Barry to Hillary: "Finally! Okay, we'll let the Republicans fight it out among themselves, and when the dust has settled, we'll be able to sweep the next Election. That'll teach those Reactionaries to Oppose the Inevitable Rise of the New Soviet Man!"

Hillary to Barry: "And Woman, don't forget the Women".

Well, it COULD have happened.

Joanna said...

*it's kind of ironic how much has Mein Kampf cribbed from the Old Testament. That Islam is a plain ripoff of Judaism combined with Arab tribal nonsense has to be apparent to everyone..

a) Something tells me you've neither read nor studied any of the three things just referenced.

b) Judaism is actually very anti-revenge. The "eye for an eye" bit had strict rules about who would be allowed to enforce it, and how, and when and why, not to mention the protections provided for those who committed offense by accident. Islam focuses on preserving your own honor and ensuring that everyone else respects you. Judaism (and, by descent, Christianity) places its focus outward -- the greatest commandment after loving your God is to love your neighbor.

/lecture mode

SiGraybeard said...

When I heard that "I live in a place where there is completely impossible that I am eliminated", my first thought was "Switzerland".

He's probably running the night desk in a cheap motel in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

I was much amused to see that, after several attempts to kill Godaffy with various bombs and missiles, the UN / NATO finally... asked for a warrant for his arrest.

Sort of like, "The lynching was unsuccessful, so (dang it!) guess we'd better call the cops to take him down to see the judge."

Not that I think Godaffy isn't guilty as hell, but ya gotta love the modern, enlightened, tolerant Euro/democrat rule of law. Maybe they can get the Indiana Supreme Court to try him.

"Right to counsel is contrary to current Sixth Amendment jurisprudence. And so is the right to a jury. And that whole thing about being compelled to be a witness against himself? PFFT! TOTALLY not in step with modern Fifth Amendment jurisprudence. What? He was found not guilty? Try him again! That rule against double jeopardy is also not in step with current Fifth Amendement jurisprudence! BECAUSE WE SAY SO!"

Anonymous said...


I don't like reading ancient tribal claptrap much, but I'm willing to bet a large amount of money one of the books of the old testament is quite concerned how it's a-okay for Hebrews being the chosen nation to kill anyone they don't like, take their women as slaves, loot all their possesions.. etc... I mean. Go look it up. It's not the book of Leviticus


They attacked Midian just as the LORD had commanded Moses, and they killed all the men. All five of the Midianite kings – Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur, and Reba – died in the battle. They also killed Balaam son of Beor with the sword. Then the Israelite army captured the Midianite women and children and seized their cattle and flocks and all their wealth as plunder. They burned all the towns and villages where the Midianites had lived. After they had gathered the plunder and captives, both people and animals, they brought them all to Moses and Eleazar the priest, and to the whole community of Israel, which was camped on the plains of Moab beside the Jordan River, across from Jericho.

Since God.. that supreme and obnoxious psychopathic fascist has never shown his cowardly mug(idiot would get nuked IMO).. it's only fair to say Jews behaved like Soviets in Nazi Germany(except the Soviets only dragged away German men to Siberia..).. in the old testament,.. and rationalized murder, rape, pillage .. with the then new but now age old hoary cliche.. "A voice in my head told me to do it".

Your basic racial supermacist policies. We are god's chosen people, all others we can defeat deserve death at best.

I remember looking for it and finding it in that mostly pristine KJV bible my father once bought on a whim. This wasn't the example I found.. there are more.

Mein Kampf is an unreadable hateful tract I can only stomach in very small doses.. for which I have no patience, but the fundamentals of nazi policies are well known to anyone who has read some European history.

Quran.. hasn't studied in it debt, but clearly that book isn't working..especially with that silly this book is WOG verbatim nonsense.

And the hadiths.. Ali Sina has lots of examples of nasty stuff in them.

You do know that the definition of 'Delusion' in DSM is amended so with 'belief that is not culturally common' .. so that you cannot claim unreasonable and ridiculous beliefs like religion are actually delusions.

I'm all for the golden rule, doing good stuff...but we don't need millenia old tribal jingoism to behave decently. Nor threat of hellfire. IMO, if we used napalm on people who deserve hell in this world.. we would be better off as a society. But no one so far has seen it fit to barbecue people like Radovan Krejcir,.. to name one bad apple. I hope the guy will at least get to rot in prison.

Tam said...

FFS, pick an alias and stick with it.

Ed Foster said...

Outsider, the radar reflection of a streamlined airliner and a slab-sided F-14 Tomcat are almost identical, especially in approach. But what killed the airliner was it's Pratt and Whitney engines.

The JT8-D has virtually the same compressor section as the evil, horrible, absolutely pain-in-the-ass TF-30 the early F-14's had, and the firecontrol radars got a clean blade count on the compressors as the Iranian plane closed to within Standard range without any transponder.

With a similar cross section read at tango range and a verified blade count at the inner security range as backup, there simply wasn't any way to tell one plane from another. If the Fire Control Officer hadn't pushed the button, he would have, and should have, been courtmarshalled.

Anonymous said...

So, let's say they actually catch Col Momar G, KH, whatever. How does the whole jury of your peers work? Wher are you gonna find 12 maniacal despots for the jury? Kim Jung IL, AKmaninijad, and what oters?

Just sayin....

Heath J said...

He's an idiot. And provided our intel guys are awake, If we wanted him dead, he would be.

You think he'd be a bit more wary after the SEALs doing their thing last month.

Anonymous said...

@Ed Foster

And shouldn't an 100+ tonne airliner have a much bigger radar cross section or something than a 20+ tonne fighter plane?

Just wondering.. and why would they leave their transponder off? Wiki sez it was on.. I know it's not reliable, but afaik, Iranians are not Arabs and probably have a far higher standard of maintenance. And knowingly overflying warships without a working IFF system is just asking for it..

People often forget that not only nazis are supermacists...and supposedly, there are even people who take Old Testament seriously. Probably not on Tam's blog.. but you never know.. and that not only Islam is a nasty religion. That the state of Israel had to bust a (in some circles) popular rabbi who claimed(in a published book ) that killing gentile babies is okay and sometimes permissible, because they may grow up to be enemies of jews.. interesting information.

I'm sticking with this one, mmkay?

staghounds said...

Ed Foster, courtmarshalled just wrecks it.

Joanna said...


Dude. Just ... dude.

Besides, the historical argument doesn't really hold water; the ancient Israelites' behavior was pretty par for the course for the era. I seem to remember quite a few verses about the Babylonians, et al., putting cities to flame and dashing babies against rocks. Doesn't mean that behavior is encoded in their religion.

Also: Note that the Judeo-Christian reaction to kill-em-all types in the ranks is to stand far, far away and shout "I am not with this guy!" Islam, on the other hand, tends more toward standing ovations ... Seriously, just admit you're a bigot and go home. The grownups are talking.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I'm a bigot. I can't stand people who let their silly, comforting delusions about the supernatural stand in the way of reason and basic humanity. I generally ignore these silly sods, as they are rather rare around here (70-80% nonbeliever)

And IMO, the ultraorthodox jews may not be exactly Hamas, but you are gonna have a hard time finding a more ornery bunch of sanctimonious pricks. And to me, it seems their ilk is doing their damnedest to exacerbate problems in Israel. Like them having huge families.. as if this Earth wasn't already overflowing with too many hairless primates)

Israelis should have them shipped over to Siberia. Lots of natural resources, clean enviroment, will do them good...

The only problem is, we don't have several spare planets on which we could dump all the bloody catholics, muslims, bible thumpers and hindus whose stupid ideas are not helping anyone.

Sikhs and buddhists seem okay in my book.

So fucking what that it was par course? Does that give them an excuse for taking seriously a book in which what today would be considered genocide is excused by 'God'? If they had any decency they'd write themselves a better rulebook and bury the old one. We today know far more about how we tick than back in first millenium BC.. so I bet we could come up with a far better system of philosophy and ethics than any offered by these supposedly god-inspired books (more likely inspired by hallucinogens and chutzpah)

And it wasn't really standard.

I'm mostly Slavic, and Slavic tribes exploded out of their homeland somewhere in Ukraine and in just 150 years took over the almost whole present extent because they treated all captives decently and let them become full members of their tribes in a few years. Or just let them go home. (at least that's what Roman/Byzantine chronicles claim)

That's the theory offered for the inexplicably fast spread of slavic culture from 500 AD onward anyway.

Furthermore they were like a number of early societies pretty egalitarian and non-hierarchic and also better than average in agriculture so the whole package must've been attractive to other tribals.

Grownups? No one who believes in God is a grownup. The whole concept of God is an affront to the idea of reason or personal liberty.

People just love lying to themselves, and major religions are nothing but sets of very well established and successful lies sprinkled with some basic decency and common sense to in a fairly successful attempt at hiding the lack of substance..

Joanna said...

Huh. This doesn't happen all that often, but I am genuinely offended. You didn't change my opinions a whit, though. So ... congrats on that? I guess?

Although I am left wondering who peed in your cornflakes.

Anonymous said...

In November, 2007, then-Senator Barack Redacted Obama proclaimed that the US should not use military force against a country which had not attacked us.

Maybe the Ghost Of Cheneys Past whispered in his ear, "Psst...Polls, remember polls?"

Anonymous said...


One of these days, I've got to film myself using the Old Testament, Quran, and some other vile 'holy' book as toilet paper. Or just proclaiming that these books are vile, set them on fire and then piss on them. Mix the ashes with swill and feed that to some hungry pigs.

That'd be appropriate, I think.

I was under no illusion I could change your opinions. Deluded people like being deluded.

I'm still hoping you are just offended by me not showing due deference to millenia old nonsense and you are not like.. religious.

I'm aware that many Americans are.. and I find that just sad. I mean.. WTF? Immortal souls? What's next, honest politicians? We're nothing but pretty sad meatbags that spoil very quickly, and people who claim otherwise are just trying to make themselves feel better.

Joanna said...

A) I'm not Jewish.

B) I ask again: What/who the hell are you so mad at?

Y. said...

Not Jewish? What's that on your blog about Passover then?

B) What? I'm fucking pissed off that for example, there are Catholic. A lot of their beliefs are okay.. but they respect this millenia old ur-version of the commie party. Because that's what CC is: a power structure, with a supposedly infallible pontiff.

And that's the most popular religion evar. Or is that Islam? Doesn't matter.. billions of sheep adhere to it, or pretend to.

I'm fucking pissed off that so many people are being so fucking stupid & gullible.

Also at every piece of human trash that honor kills a relative because of X. Maybe we should make it policy, that people who commit honor killing are gonna be fed to pigs, alive and on live TV. Maybe that'd save some lives..

Joanna said...

A) I'm a Christian who prefers her Jewish religious heritage over the later, heavily pagan-influenced traditions.

B) I can understand being upset by an ideology, but being angry at the mere existence of something? That's like being angry because the sky is blue, and because people sunbathe. It's the kind of thing that'll cause a stroke before you're 50. I suggest a long walk in a beautiful area, and a warm chocolate chip cookie. You sound like you could use it.

Anonymous said...


Shit. Mixed up profiles.. again.

I'm rarely angry. I mean.. no religious people here. No religion being showed into my face. The only thing that pissess me off is that ball AP milsurp ammo is banned here, and I have to pay 4x as much to shoot my Mosin. That sucks majorly.

I have fluid emotions. I can make myself angry, but only with a purpose.

As to paganism.. Jewish religion has obvious pagan roots and influences.

And as an engineer.. I don't understand this tradition bullshit. Why could Hebrews back in -1000 or so write their holy books. Why can't they re-write it know.

Religion doesn't need god, or the supernatural. IMO, a religion that'd incorporate modern philosophy, psychology and ethics would be far superior to these older religions. But I'm not a writer or a scholar, so I can't write such a book. Wouldn't be holy, would be just wise. You know.. collected wisdom, put into stories, maxims, problem-solving approaches, ideas on conflict resolution.

I'm pretty sure not only has our technology improved over the past 2000 years, but also we know ourselves far better. And this old claptrap is just like zombies that are barring the way towards a brighter world*... and by that I mean a peaceful, reasonable world, that's mostly free of superstition, folk psychology and human on human predation.

*one Catholic cardinal, who made no secret of respecting the WWII Slovak catholic-fascist state said this about non-believers... that they are like corpses barring the way. Idiot. We also have an archbishop who embezzled something like $25 million dollars. Still is walking free.

I'm in no danger of stroke. In fact, my circulatory system is in so good shape that I got a draft extemption card because my resting heartbeat was too low - 48 per minute. Still a far cry from 35, which I'd like to have. MAybe I should drink less tea.