Monday, May 09, 2011

I'll love to ride my bicycle.

SB292 (New & Improved Preemption) goes into effect in Indiana on July 1st.

July 2nd is a Saturday and would make a splendid day for a group bicycle ride on the Monon Trail, don't y'all think?


Anonymous said...

I was hoping SB 292 would dispel the magical gun-free force field around the Monon, but wasn't sure how to read the gobbledegook legalese. Are you pretty sure the gun-free Monon days are over, or is it going to take some poor sap getting charged with something and appealing it all the way to the Indiana Supreme Court to make Mayor Ballard go away?


Tam said...

IANAL, but the last one I talked to sure read it that way.

MattCFII said...

Excited that I can now legally conceal in my neck of the woods, Speedway. Also happy for those in South Bend to not have 10 round mag limit!