Saturday, May 21, 2011

Overheard just outside the Art Fair:

The sky darkens and big droplets begin to fall. A couple of people start scurrying down the Monon.
RX: "Oh, man, it's really starting to rain! And I didn't bring my umbrella!"

Turk: "Don't bother running..."

Me: "You'll only die wet."


og said...

Dang, The rain down there must be a lot harsher than it is up this way.

Anonymous said...

Actually.. if you run the numbers.. running in the rain is better than walking in the rain.

It's easy to imagine why. Let's split raindrops into those that hit you from above, and those that hit your from the front. As you are moving through your trajectory, you have to hit raindrops in front of you. These you cannot escape.

The raindrops from above.. how many of those hit you.. that depends on how much time you spend in the rain.

That's why it's better to run. Or carry an umberella.

My favourite option is to wear so little that the rain doesn't really matter..

Ed Foster said...

One gathers that you've seen the unofficial T-Shirt of the Marine Corps Sniper School at Quantico.

NotClauswitz said...

Our Arte Faire today was dropless, and soon the B-17 and B-24 will begin to make majestic passage through the evening skies. What joy my heart holds.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were supposed to sing in the rain.

Silly me.


Anonymous said...

A combination of dirt and natural body oils makes a waterproof covering.

Anonymous said...

Mythbusters did a show about this same topic some years ago...IIRC running did keep you, less wet.

cap'n chumbucket

Tam said...

"Actually.. if you run the numbers.."

Aspie much?

"Mythbusters did a show about this same topic some years ago..."

Get Adam and Jamie to start their test over a mile from home. Soaked is soaked, and you'll be soaked either way. Might as well not add possibly slipping on wet pavement and breaking your neck to the list of possible miseries.

Anonymous said...


Not really. Not smart enough for that... and if I can be arsed to care I have a very good idea what others are thinking. Outside of matters like love and such nonsense. So not aspie.

My dad always kept saying he doesn't know which is better.. and I like to think about useless stuff.. so one day I tried to figure out what's better.

BTW.. do you use your gesichtsbuch profile, or have you already found out it's a bloody waste of time?

Cybrludite said...

Given a choice between soaking wet, or soaking wet and out of breath, I'll take the soaking wet.