Saturday, March 03, 2012

After a showing a trailer of spring, winter returned.

Gray skies and a wintry mix predicted for tomorrow. Got the UV happy lamp going to keep me from climbing a clock tower with a sack lunch. Spring can get here any old time now and I wouldn't mind.

Meanwhile, in other weather news, a huge swathe of southern Indiana has been reduced to matchsticks and kindling, with whole towns virtually wiped off the map.

Where is the federal disaster response? Where is FEMA? I think we all know that this proves that George Bush hates black people.


bluesun said...

Yeah, what's the deal? We just got more snow in the past three days than all the rest of winter...

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Why would you curse honest, hardworking people with FEMA, insatead of letting them rebuild and repair, and get on with their lives?

Unknown said...

FEMA is, in the beginning, a coordinating agency, not an agency with all manner of do-good equipment and already-employed field personnel.

As has been said many and many a time, for the first three days, you're pretty much dependent upon yourself and local resources.

Tam said...

I would hope that anybody who has read this blog for more than 24 hours gets that the FEMA thing is a joke.

If I were going to take a chainsaw to the federal budget, that's one of the first branches that would hit the chipper/shredder.

Noah D said...

Hey, what's wrong with a picnic lunch on a clock tower? The view is beautiful, you could put some Kinky Friedman on the iPodthingy, and...oh, yeah.

Well, at least you like Mondays, right?

Bubblehead Les. said...

"Well, FEMA WOULD have been on the Scene, but those EVIL Republican TEA Partyers who can Go to Hell are running the House of Representatives and they have cut Funding to the Agency, so all the Poor People who's lives were Destroyed by Big Oil and their Polluting the Planet which causes Global Warming and the Tornadoes are to Blame!"- Press Release from Maxine Walters this Morning.

Stranger said...

I have been through disasters with and without FEMA. I prefer it with. The ice and Budwater, and someone calling the White House to get gasoline deliveries resumed, are very nice.

However, from what I hear from recent disaster areas, FEMA has gone to - "Well" - since Brownie left. The current bunch of lefties will not DO anything except at gunpoint. Not even when people are actually dying.

So change that first three days to the first three weeks.


Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

For reals, Les? If that's satire, it's damn scary, because she's capable of coming up with crap like that. That sounded just like her.

Critter said...

after the January 23 tornados down here, we got on with the business of cutting up trees and pretty much ignored FEMA. they did come by and ask if i needed anything. i asked what i had to do to get one of those gubmint checks and they said i would have to submit to an inventory of the entire contents of my house. i said bugger off, i had work to do. the Red Cross did give me a nifty new rake, so i have that going for me, which is nice.

Moogie P said...

As a denizen of New Orleans, I would recommend that when you see FEMA coming -- RUN!!!

Seriously, though, Indiana has my most heartfelt sympathies. Tornadoes are wicked and inexplicable.

Newbius said...

There are Black People (TM) in Indiana?

global village idiot said...

County EMAs are on alert up in my area for possible deployment south. We're handling it pretty much in-house, I think.

Indiana, you see, tends to act pretty grown-up when things go pear-shaped and sideways.

Besides, I don't think FEMA would show up if Mitch Daniels asked for them. Despite 2008, we're a pretty "red" state. No goodies for us (which is just as well if you ask me).

Oh, and Newbius, two words:

Yes, there are Black People(TM) in Indiana, and not just in the two cities I named.


Anonymous said...

>As has been said many and many a time, for the first three days, you're pretty much dependent upon yourself and local resources.

I hope Katrina taught everyone:

1) 72 hours kits need to work for at least a week.

2) Leave early if you have to evacuate, so you can beat the rush and take your pets (who need their own 168 hour kit too^H^H^ let's call it a "katrina kit" okay?)

3) The police will go door to door, steal your guns and shoot your pets.

4) there is no room at the inn^H^H^H FEMA camp^H^H^H^H FEMA shelter for your pets. Have a plan and a place in mind.

5) If the LAPD barge into your house without a warrant in New Orleans and body slam you to the ground, the public still does not have a right to know any of the officer's names six years later.


Anonymous said...

6) It's called "prepping" and it's almost socially acceptable now if you at least make a few jokes about a zombie apocalypse, (and it has nothing at all to do with those crazy survivalist wackjob nut-cases, so stop looking at me like that...)


Buzz said...

What's a "black people?"
My children have been so well trained by the PC indoctrination system that is publik edjewkayshun, so that people of color from England, Germany, Jamaica, and, yes, even Africa, are referred to as "African-Americans."

As for the people of southern Indiana, let me be the first to Kanye: "Mitch Daniels hates rural white people!"