Monday, March 12, 2012

It's only bad when those other guys do it.

Apparently Kirk Cameron said he though gay folks were unnatural and were responsible for the collapse of civilization and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Understandably peeved at being called unnatural, gay folks got together and... er, arranged a boycott of DVD boxed sets of Growing Pains, or something.

Kirk got all butthurt and claimed he wasn't being allowed to express his views. Which isn't true! He's perfectly free to express his views, but other people are then allowed to express their own opinions about those views. People saying "That was a dick move" is not censorship.

Maybe Kirk and Rush can go on a double date with a couple of the Dixie Chicks.


Cormac said...

They can all go out and Dr. Laura can chaperone.

Bubblehead Les. said...

So tell me, does the Gas Pump care whether the person pumping the Gas is Gay, Straight, Transgender or Klingon?

"IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!", said the Sign James Carvelle had hung in every Clinton Campaign Office back in '92.

Probably the Only thing I ever had in common with the Clintonistas.

And Obama is so easy to beat....

Gay_Cynic said...

"Freedom of Speech" /= "Freedom from critical, even hostile, response"

Tam said...

Bubblehead Les,


I'm sorry, were you under the opinion that this was a political blog? (Or a conservative blog, a libertarian blog, or a gun blog...)

It's a Tamara blog. I write about what I feel like writing about.

If Carville doesn't like it he can lump it.

Joseph said...

I blame Boner for all this.

staghounds said...

That would be like an octuple date.

K said...

Celebrutards should just spare us the wisdom of their political opinions. Period.

Anonymous said...

You know who I'm starting to feel bad for in all this? Bill Mahr. He's the exact same jerk he's been for at least the last decade, and suddenly he's catching heat for it because Rush offended somebody. He's the real victim here.


SayUncle said...


the pawnbroker said...

"Unnatural"? If by that they mean different from the norm, of course it is, and most gay people that I know openly agree. But "collapse of civilization"? Not from homosexuality. God apparently planned well for outliers, as the species -all species- can survive some aberrance.

As for the heartbreak, insert HIV for psoriasis, and certainly homosexuality can be blamed for the spread of that. Again the gay people I have had in-depth conversations with agree, and have altered their behaviors out of concern for self-preservation and that of their fellow man.

But whether "civilization" can or deserves to survive its various activisms is another question entirely. Activism rears its ugly head when "we" are told we must throw limitless treasure at the largely self-controllable afflictions of a relative few? Eff that. And I should join self-anointed saviors of humanity by criticizing and trying to control the behavior of people I don't even know and that do not affect me? Eff that twice.

Gay folks are gay because they are. It is none of my concern and they are free to live their lives like anybody else. Goofballs like Cameron are more about self-promotion and control than anything else, and he would be better off trying to control that behavior than someone else's.

But don't ask me to subsidize either "side". It's none of my damn business, and that's the way I like it. Activism of every type and every stripe is really all about the redundance of control and money. *Always* follow the money.

Anonymous said...

It raises the issue of how we ought to deal with speech that we find offensive. As a matter of law, people (more or less; increasingly less these days) have the right to say what they please without being carted off to jail or having their tongues struck out.

But what ought private citizens do about it? If somebody says something that offends me, ought we to get hysterical and try to punish them? Or take the tack that, hey, they've got their opinion, I've got mine, and we all ought to be able to say what we please?

Jay G said...

I hesitate to speak for Les, but I suspect he's making more of a point that the Stupids (that would be the Republican-leaning folk, not indicative of anyone here) are focusing on the ZOMG GAY COOTIES side of things rather than the craptacular economy.

As for Kirk, well, yeah, you nailed it. If you were laughing at the Dixie Chicks playing to packed phone booths (showing my age there) after dissing a huge chunk of their fan base, then you have no problem laughing uproariously at Kirk "EWW DON'T GET GAY ON ME" Cameron being shocked - shocked! at a backlash over his comments.

We have the right to free speech, not the right to freedom of consequences from that speech...

Joseph said...

Gay, not gay, I don't care. It really doesn't affect me one way or the other.
I get sick of hearing about gays being "wrong" or "sick" or whatever. They are people like anyone else. Let'em be and let them live their lives.
It isn't a long leap,to figure out that if one group is considered "sick" pretty much any other group can be considered the same. The Nazis were pretty good at that.

Anonymous said...

I hope you wouldn't inflict the chubby little fat-mouthed one on them, for no better reason than that there's no respecting the way she fished for a cheap applause line in a foreign country.

I flatter myself that I could have at least applauded Natalie Maines' integrity, if she had uttered that line about being ashamed that the President of the United States was from Texas while actually in the State of Texas at the time.

Mike James

NotClauswitz said...

Cameron's a Hollywood Product and probably a bit bent (or a lot bent) from the way that Machine turns any sex around for money, and the Studio and Top Brass enduring dominance/submission gig gives him the creeps. Could be he's one of the kids who were savaged (Kirk & Dead-Corey, wonder if they had the same Gay publicist - the Publicist knows ALL...), who got Pedo'd by the Bigwig Machine and now doesn't know who to blame or can't directly indict the perps because he's still caught in the gears. Anyhow as a result of his exposure to all that and/in that environment, no wonder he's messed-up and confused about his messaging. It's not that big a world in there, it's small among the people who work.

MSgt B said...

"Maybe Kirk and Rush can go on a double date with a couple of the Dixie Chicks."


Anonymous said...

"who got Pedo'd by the Bigwig Machine and now doesn't know who to blame or can't directly indict the perps because he's still caught in the gears"

I do seem to remember one of the Corey's, one of those child stars, offing himself over something like this. DirtCrashr might have something there. Maybe Kirk Cameron had a unique, close-up look at a certain segment of gayness that many of us haven't had, and never will.

Mike James

NotClauswitz said...

A lot of people confuse pedophilia and the predators who conduct it with gayness since oftentimes it's same-sex action - and the Predator is happy to see them confused and off guard by such a smoke-screen. A lot of movies are produced in Hollywood that are not Oscar material but still make BIG bucks in both DVD's and in private screening... People do nasty-nasty stuff to each other in real life and on film - or HD-video, and simple Blackmail is a predatory adjunct to such people and behavior.
Amnesia or selective editing of The Narrative - they Produce and we/you receive? During the 2010 Oscar's ritual bring-out-the-dead tribute, Kirk's dead friend Corey Haim was absent - and he was also missing from that year's SAG Awards memorium.

Broken Andy said...


Feel bad for Bill Maher? You know who I feel bad for - anybody who ever watched his show thinking they might get some entertainment out of it, And, of course, anybody who believed him when he said he was a libertarian.

Anonymous said...

DirtCrashr, I'm not up to speed on the nomenclature, and I don't think I want to be. I say that if Kirk Cameron had a close encounter with this sort of sames-sex kind of thing, I might be able to understand if he's sort of tightly-wound about it. Other people have problems I'll never have to face, and so on.

Mike James

Kristophr said...

Mike James: Rape is not Gayness.

It's just rape.

Stephen said...

"Maybe Kirk and Rush can go on a double date with a couple of the Dixie Chicks."

I love you Tamara! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kristopher, I just now intoned, "Rape is not gayness", three times, while facing each cardinal and ordinal point of the compass. I am satisfied I probably was facing the right direction at some point in this obeisance, or at least good enough for government work.

It is my belief that if this Kirk Cameron bird had some sort of contact with same-sex bad-touching (which is really, truly, extra-special, double-secret not gay, with whipped cream and a cherry on it, ask anyone)when he was a child star at the same time as Corey Haim, the guy who overdosed, or even heard about something so messed up, that I might understand if he utters statements that the sophisticated amongst us would poo-poo, such as accusing a "Hollywood Mogul" of bearing responsibility. Kirk Cameron seemingly is sincere, thinks nothing of offending an influential segment of the TV and movie industry, or just enjoys running his fat mouth.

Oh, Lord. Now see what I've gone and done--I'm taking an interest in Hollywood celebrity gossip. I blame someone else.

Mike James

Pathfinder said...

Conclusion misses the point. The Dixie B*****s played AGAINST their audiences, and they suffered for it, rather dramatically. There was an almost perverse joy in watching their ignorant self-immolation. Almost.

Rush was being Rush, and played TO his audience. In the aftermath, BTW, sponsors have come crawling back, and Rush has stiff-armed them, they have been replaced, so no loss there. Unless all you read is the MSM in which case, yeah, he's crashing and burning. Only not so much.

Kirk is a self-described Evangelical and what he said is in line with his beliefs, and those of his audience as well. He starred in the Left Behind series and in Sherwood Baptist's Fireproof movie, so that is his audience today - as well as his beliefs.

Mark Alger said...




Jerry said...

I saw this yesterday and held off hoping that someone could see what I saw. That happens a lot.

Cameron voiced his opinion. It has already been pointed out that his opinion is in line with his beliefs.

What's not noted, or pointed out, is the other side isn't interested in "free speech." They are demanding those who dissagree change to agree with them.

I don't care about whose bed you get in. Stay out of mine.

Gay_Cynic said...

Le Sigh.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Cameron spat forth his special form of bigotry/knuckleheadedness. Folks directly or indirectly affected and/or just plain decent human beings took exception. Forcefully.

As I've pointed out elsewhere, freedom of speech does NOT equate to freedom from criticism.

Kirk got his panties all in a wad and screamed censorship because he was ridiculed for his bigoted/ignorant/dumb-assed views on gay folks - managing to demonstrate yet further his ignorance of the definition of censorship (among other things).

Further ridicule of dumbassery ensued. Count down to further Cameronian bed-wetting in...3...2..

Disagreement of the "gee, you ARE out to get me and those I care about" sort typically does not involve warm fuzzies and celebration of a diversity of view.

Cameron is entitled to his view. So is a Klansman. I'm not required to be polite, respectful, or even pleasant to either one.

Anonymous said...

After watching the interview I can understand why Jeremy Clarkson punched Piers in the face.

What a twit.


Will said...


Corey Haim died of natural causes, pneumonia, according to the LA Coroner's office. Drugs had no bearing on it, they said. (googled)