Monday, March 12, 2012

Mr. The Situation, I presume?

Les Jones dabbles in cultural anthropology in the darkest jungles of the middle of your cable channel listings, spends thirty minutes of his life which he will never get back watching Jersey Shore, sees things that can't be unseen, and winds up underwhelmed:
Somehow I thought it would be more contrived. Like there would be gladiatorial combat or spelling bees. All they do is follow them around with cameras and film their mating rituals – “Guidos in the Mist of Axe Body Spray.”
I do not completely get the whole "reality show" phenomenon either. Sunday morning, feeling the pull of gravity more than normal, I watched a couple episodes of some show called True Grime: Crime Scene Cleanup, which could have been a mildly interesting waste of an hour if it hadn't been full of all the drama queenery and office politics and irrelevant crap. Then again, I suppose you can only get so much airtime out of scrubbing wino blood off sidewalks.


taylor said...

For some reason, some of these shoes ARE really addictive though. The wife and I got sucked into Storage Wars this weekend. It was amazing some of the stuff they found. It was also really funny to watch them talk trash to each other the whole time.

Not exactly top quality entertainment, but funny none the less.

Anonymous said...

I love spray tan and four popped collars and duck lips and spiked hair and giant fake knockers!

I just can't bear to watch this show. I have other, less outrageous reality shows to spend my time with. Alaska State Troopers, wild Justice (CA Game Wardens). Both Americans Restoration and Pickers! And, when I've run out of anything else, Top Guns, hosted by that smiling mouth full of teeth wearing a flannel shirt, Colby Donaldson. I know, I know. It's better than Sons of Guns, at least.

My God, I watch too much TV.

St Paul

Bubblehead Les. said...

Just one of the many reasons we killed off the Satellite, went to NetFlix and Roku, and use the Smartphone to get the BBC News and the AP, which is where 95% of the MSM copies it's "News" from anyway.

And of, course, those Fine Blogs that come out of Broad Ripple. : )

Funny thing: my Heartburn and Headaches seemed to have greatly diminished since I can no longer watch the Rachel Maddow Show. Wonder how that works? ; )

Critter said...

meh. "reality tv" has nothing real about it, other than it's unscripted. it may be "real" in the sense that real actors are almost never used, just average Joe and Jane Schmuck who are about as interesting as watching paint dry. in short, these "shows" are cheap and easy to produce, much like Yugos.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Respectfully, anything can be unseen by applying eye bleach in quant. suff.

Ken said...

"Cake Boss" used to be pretty good. I learned a thing or two, and I like bakeries anyway.

Steve said...

I grew up in guido land, New York and while I detest the ignorance and conformity of the guido mentality, I have to say that the guido's that I grew up with back in the day would not have tolerated those Jersey Shore clowns for five minutes before "throwing them a beating".