Sunday, March 18, 2012

Collecting, stage two...

So, looking at the situation with my old American autos, the Smith, H&R, the 1905-vintage Colt Pocket Hammerless and the 1915-vintage Savage are all in really outstanding shape. The Remington 51, the 1911-vintage Savage, and the 1904-vintage Colt are all pretty rough.

At the next show, it will be time to see if I can find a way to maneuver out of the homely Remington .380 and into a pretty Remington 51 in .32 that this one guy had on his table, using one or the other of the other two guns and as little cash boot as possible. While the Colt is worth more than the Savage, I'd prefer to hang on to is, because it's such a good little shooter. This is the fun part!


Tango Juliet said...

I didn't even know half those guns even existed.

Cincinnatus said...

The Smith & Wesson is the only one I can't get excited about, since it can't be shot with its intended ammo.

I'd like a nice example of the Remington 51, but my favorite shooter is the Colt Pocket M1908 in .380ACP. So much that I often carry it.

Tam said...


I've already got a S&W autopistol I can shoot. It's on my hip as I type this, actually. ;)

Really, I don't mind being a freelance museum curator. :)

Ed Foster said...

Tam: pocket pistols aren't my field of expertise. But I want a carry gun that's shootable, as in a box or two of practice ammo each week, and I want something flat, narrow as possible, and streamlined. All steel, and not a snubby.

A nice 1930's ('20's,'teens)pocket pistol that lays flat next to the body, has to be .380, no "catchy" square edges to bugger my draw.

O.K., now I put you on the spot. Which of the neat "classic" pistols you've written about comes closest to the above ideal?

Ergonomics, pointing characteristics (remember I shoot a 1911 all day for work) all are relevant. Cost not so much, but I'd hate to wear out a NIB collectors item. If I carry it every day, I want to know it in my muscle memory.

Tim Ellwood said...
Just found these grips, thought I would pass it on as the price was right.