Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Convertible weather.

It's the first day of spring, but it's felt like summer for the last week or so here in Hoosieropolis. The monster ridge of high pressure over the heartland has had century-old record temperatures* toppling like tenpins. Today it's supposed to hit 84°F, besting the old record of 80°F set back in 1894, and it's currently 65 degrees outside in the pre-dawn darkness. The average high temp for March 20th is, like, 52°F.

I haven't had the top up on the Zed Drei since Friday, except when I had it parked on the street at the blogmeet. I feel sorry for you folks shivering and turning blue in the cold down in Phoenix and San Diego. (I realize that, now that I've jinxed us real good, there'll either be a blizzard in May or a month-long 100-degree drought in June. Or both.)

*Attention Local TV Newspeople: There are two r's in both "Tempacher" and "Febyooary". Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


staghounds said...

#$%^&* Al Gore.

Bram said...

I'm guessing both.

I'm also guessing that the monster winter the Europeans got this year will visit us next year.

Fred said...

Manda's new bicycle comes in sometime in the next couple days. That should knock our heat down and bring the snow back.

Brad K. said...


"Tempacher" and "Febyooary".

Oh, please. What next -- a President that cannot pronounce "Nuke-lee-ur" even though he served as a Nuclear Engineer in the US Navy? (Or a President that makes me reminisce about the gentleman from Georgia with a good and honest heart, and didn't do as much damage to America?)

Firehand said...

Yeah, it's been quite warm here in OK, too. But, barring really unusual weather, there's at least one more freeze in store before winter turns loose.

Of course, in all the years working Med-Fair end of March/first of April, I've seen everything from 80's and clear to 20's/30's and spitting sleet; it just does that this time of year.

lelnet said...

Well, it's not really possible to have a blizzard in the middle of a _drought_, but blizzards and 100 degrees on alternating days for a week or two on end would no longer surprise me, were it to happen. :)

But then, even when I was a kid, spring and fall in the Great Lakes pretty much always meant "no matter what clothes you wear or what the weather is when you leave the house, you'll be dressed wrong for at least part of the day's weather adventure".

Sport Pilot said...

Having been involved in a motor vehicle roll over and investigated other such incidents involving convertable's I'll pass on owning one myself. You are more than capable of making your own informed decision's though so be safe and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. I'll continue to ride M/C and 4 wheelers, fly old airplanes and paddle kayaks. What's life w/o a little risk ;-).

Anonymous said...

It does seem strange to be cutting my grass in March rather than shoveling snow. Don't take that as a complaint.

I did read Farmer Franks post and and say here, warm winters trend to mild summers.

Stay tune.


Doug said...

There are two r's in both "Tempacher" and "Febyooary".

Too true, and none in "wash", which is the one that gets me. Being from Washington, I can't stand it when I hear "warsh" and "Warshington".

Larry said...

I've had to put the top up on the 'stang. We've had afternoon showers, plus, cats. Oh, and it's pollen season, too.