Monday, March 26, 2012

File Under: "What media bias?"

Do not get me wrong: I think SSG Robert Bales should be given a fair and speedy court martial and, if found guilty, should be Danny Deevered promptly, pour encourager les autres.

That being said, I have to wonder how many of the pack of talking heads howling for justice in the Bales case are the same ones who tut-tutted at me about the paper-cut PTSD that should be considered a mitigating factor in the case of poor MAJ Hasan, who buckled under the horrific stress of four months of stateside desk-jockeying and Allahu Akhbared a platoon's worth of his fellow soldiers.

I don't care how many "Support Our Troops" mouth noises they make; it's pretty clear who these blowdried Manhattanites think are the bad guys.

ETA: Apparently I am not the only one engaged in a bit of head-scratching over this oddity.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

See, that's the difference: We don't care if it's a bad guy doing a bad thing or a good guy doing a bad thing. A bad thing is a Bad Thing™ and it deserves punishment regardless.

But that doesn't fit the narrative for the moral relativists who believe themselves our betters.

Lewis said...

I'd be willing for them to drink their bitter beer together.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Tam. Our worst enemies are protected under the same flag.

Joseph said...

Here Here.

I'm aghast at the lynch-mob mentality that's run rampant (as mobs do) lately regarding SSG Bales & Zimmerman. Egged on by the Commander in Chief who seems more concerned about being the rabble rouser than statesman.

Someone should tell the republicans to point this shit out along with the crappy economy, four-buck gas and a deficit budget that made Shrub Jr look like he could make copper wire from pennys with his bare hands.

Jenny said...

Masterful point.

Evil Capitalist Oppressors deserve it, don't you know? Noble Savages should be left to run free in their pure and good tribal ways.


JimB said...

I se the "new Blacl Panther Party" has put up a dead or alive bounty for Zimmerman.. Things are going to hell fast..

Brad K. said...

I wonder that there hasn't been a call to bring charges against his commander, the detailer that sent him back one too many times after the injury and incomplete recovery, the Dept of Defense and President that set the policy for how heavy to re-use soldiers, especially after an injury.

I did notice that the administration decided that no charges were needed, from the November drone mistake that killed 16 Pakistani soldiers. Funny thing, that, that no one was to blame for that assault, um, "mistake", and yet is so glaringly obvious that Sgt Bales should be cast to the wolves. I don't see that much difference, myself.

global village idiot said...

Anyone want the over/under on a post-election pardon for Hasan?

staghounds said...

I'm good for as much of that action as you like, GVI, or are you just talk?

And has no one caught the reference- Danny Deever shot a comrade, too.

Anonymous said...

High-ho Silver, away! Saw a few posts over at Bayou Renisance Man from vets of the Afgan campagn that it was unlikely one man, solo, could do the deeds claimed. Citing that Afghan homes are built as walled compounds, hard to enter on purpose. Afghanistan is the land of the blood-feud, and the posters felt anyone attempting what the Sgt. is accused of woulda been shot at the first house....JohninMd(help)

global village idiot said...

Oh, I caught the reference, Staghounds...
They are hangin' Danny Deever, you must mark 'im to 'is place,
For 'e shot a comrade sleepin' -- you must look 'im in the face;
Nine 'undred of 'is county an' the regiment's disgrace,
While they're hangin' Danny Deever in the mornin'.

I just figured it was so obvious that to bring it up would be pointlessly pedantic.

And no, I've learned my lesson wagering. Gambling is the one vice I'll have nothing to do with.