Thursday, March 08, 2012

Meet the new boss...

Read the words of one Eric Holder, some few years ago:
To those in the Executive branch who say “just trust us” when it comes to secret and warrantless surveillance of domestic communications I say remember your history.
If you could remember your history, Eric, maybe you could also remember where all those Kalashnikovs went. Trust me.

How 'bout all those shiny new tools Eric & Co. found in the shed when they got the keys to 1600, eh? Good thing they were only for use against terrorists!


Mad Saint Jack said...

ABC news is beating the drum about the militia movement again and I had an Epiphany while watching: Eric Holder must be a "Sovereign Citizen" because he does not believe US law applies to him.

Stuart the Viking said...

Just one more item on a long list of items that Obama and crew campaigned against as being EVIL, that instead of throwing it out when they came into power they now use (and expand).

"It isn't evil when WE do it"

yea right.


Ferret said...

When people see evil, they condemn it.
When they do evil, they rationalize it.

Not my words, but I can't quite remember whose they are.

Robert Fowler said...

I still wonder why Holder hasn't been cited for contempt of Congress. Where are the chages fo perjury? They seem to be allowing him to get away with it. Calling for his resignation is not a good idea. If he resigns, he can lawyer up and be even more immune than he already is.

Crybaby Bohner needs to "nut up" as we used to say in Texas, and push the issue. The Demo-rats destroyed Nixon over a break-in that hurt no one. And they just gloss over the fact that this administration has caused the murder of hundreds of Mexican citizens and 2 federal agents.