Monday, March 12, 2012

"...nor shalt thou wear the jeans that are skinny."

[T]he Interior Ministry released a statement on the so-called emo phenomenon, blasting it as Satanic.

It said the movement, which it described as young people wearing "strange and tight clothes with graphics such as skulls," is being monitored by authorities with the goal of eliminating it.

To that end, community or "moral police" will be allowed to enter schools in the capital, the statement read.
What the hell? It's like Footloose but with Kalashnikovs and beheadings. I'd like someone to point out to me the surah (or the verse in Deuteronomy, for that matter,) that explicitly condemns black nail polish and Peter Murphy albums.


Ed Foster said...

It's complaining about the weather. Footloose was set in an interpretation of our own culture, and presumably was sociallly maleable because of that.

I have several friends recently returned from the Sandbox, and the general feeling is that, outside the cities, nothing has changed in a thousand years and nothing will change for the next thousand years.

Without oil revenues, that entire deranged culture would devolve into total madness, and there is nothing the rest of the world can do about it. Or should.

Take their oil, and when it's gone, ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: I know less about Shia than about Sunni Islam. However, if the mullahs think that Emo involves some form of worship, than that makes the Emo-kids apostates, with all that brings in the Iranian theocracy. One wonders if the mullahs also picked up some of the "metal/ Emo/ Goth is satanic" meme that bubbles up in the US every so often. Add a dose of political paranoia and behold - the Basij et al in full-out attack mode.


og said...

One thing: The emo goths with the pencil thin legs and huge muffintops and asses shaped like a tapir and a possum fighting inside a sausage casing is gonna cut down on the procreation, maybe this will only last a generation or two anyway, and the tolleybon won't have to sweat it.

...on the other hand, as Sarah Jessica Parker has proven, some people will f**k anything.

Panamared said...

It doesn't matter how tolerant the founding principles of a religion are, as soon as people are introduced into the system, personal biases of the authorities will find a way to pervert the religion to conform to those biases.

Mike S said...

Emos don't listen to Peter Murphy, and they aren't goth. They listen to <a href=">crap like this -</a>.

If you ask me, every society should have a goal of eliminating it, their stupid hair-dos, and skinny pants. Kids these days... Get off my lawn! They aren't nearly as cool as I was as a teenager.

Exurbankevin said...

As a former pastor of mine said,

"It's not a sin to look silly."

global village idiot said...

Tam, Peter Murphy (and Bauhaus before him) were the best our generation could do for creepy darkness. And say what you want about it, they pulled it off well.

The stuff that emo kids apparently listen to (this via my 13-year old daughter) sounds, to my 43-year old ears, like what would happen if Slayer knocked back several espressos and had a good cry.

Peter Murphy and Bauhaus were dark and creepy and introspective; emo music is inchoate and self-absorbed.


NotClauswitz said...

There are Emos and Goth yout's in Iraq???
Someone should let the interior Minister in Charge of Midnight Murders know that aping a foreign cultural style is different than actually becoming or being it.
Wonder where the tie-dyed Iraqi Hippies are? Or dreadlock Rasta Halie-Selassie Iraqis with their big chillums and back-beat music? Will we soon see zoot-Suited Mex-Iraquis driving lowered cars that jump up and down with brightly painted pictures of sexy-babes on the hood and trunk-lid?
Are all the fat, slouching, ball-cap attired Cletiraquis out by the truck-stops?

Broken Andy said...

"...on the other hand, as Sarah Jessica Parker has proven, some people will f**k anything."

Og, gonna have to put that one in my back pocket for later.