Thursday, March 15, 2012

There is no virtue inherent in voluntary helplessness.

Marko writes an excellent rebuttal to the idea
That intentionally making yourself weaker in the face of danger and aggression is somehow more civilized, moral, intelligent, or enlightened
It's well worth a read. If you don't read it now, it will wash ashore in your email inbox someday, encrusted with the barnacles of three years of Fw:Fw:Fw: and attributed to "Maj. Caudill, USMC". Guaranteed.


Stuart the Viking said...

I have been thinking a lot lately about the morality of being armed verses the morality of not being armed. I'm glad that someone much more eloquent than I took the time to write about it. I'm sure that I will still eventually write a post about it, if only to get my thoughts down on paper (or pixels), but Marko's post sure set the bar pretty high on this topic.


cj said...

Great read, but now it's going to make me have to check in on his blog more frequently.

On a side note, his entry points to a blog by Kit which is also a great read, and one I want to make my wife read. The fact that she ended up with photos of the potential adversary in the situation adds a nice touch.

Lewis said...

There is a name for those tribes and groups who have intentionally made themselves weaker in the face of danger and aggression.

That name is "lost to the pages of history."

Tam said...


"On a side note, his entry points to a blog by Kit which is also a great read"

That's why I linked to it a couple days ago. ;)

amcz said...

I was told to send $5 to Major Caudill and add my name to a list, but it never made me any money.

Lyin' bastard.

Alan J. said...

Why wait? Hell, I'm going to beat the rush by emailing it to everyone I know and every spammer that's ever sent anything to my old Hotmail account.