Saturday, March 17, 2012

A very SoBro St. Paddy's...

If you can't quite make it out, the neighborhood gargoyle is wearing a green plastic bowler affixed to what appears to be a green tiara.

Myself, I prefer to celebrate St. Seamus's Day. He's the guy who put the snakes in Ireland in the first place. Nobody's quite sure why, but some drinking may have been involved.

Meanwhile: Fun Show Today! Hooray!

I've got a strange hankering for a Colt .25 that still has some bluing left on it. (Both mine are actually in the white.) A Webley .32 or .25 Auto would be swoopy, too. I've seen a few examples of these at the show before, so you never know. For a consolation prize, I'd settle for a wartime Sauer or CZ in .32ACP. We'll see what we will see; the hunting's as fun as the finding, so let's all sing the fun show song and go shopping!

Flintlocks and Flop-tops
And Number Three Russians
Black-powder Mausers
From jackbooted Prussians,
Shiny Smith PC's from limited runs
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Socketed bay'nets
On Zulu War rifles,
Engraved, iv'ried Lugers
That make quite an eyefull
Mosin tomato stakes sold by the ton
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Rusty top-breaks!
Smallbore Schuetzens!
And all of Browning's spawn
I just keep on browsing my favorite guns
Until all my money's gone.


Pakkinpoppa said...

Did you write the "fun show" song? Good luck in your search for new blasty goodness.

Secret Code: nsitici csTsu. Think that's Cthulhu's father, isn't it?

Tam said...

Yes I did, and thank you! :)

Mad Saint Jack said...

Think about an Enfield No. 2 revolver.

So I can live vicariously through you.

Joe in PNG said...

Snagged a sorta nice top break Smith .38 the other day. It's a touch rusty, the grips are cracked, and the firing pin was broke. Other than that, it's in great shape, and the price was right!

Critter said...

unfortunately, all my money went to the Michelin Man this month, so no new goodies for me. :( altho i did find my old Bayard .380 in the back of the safe. :)

Secret code: Tersea Thermou- the femme fatale in my next novel. :)

Phssthpok said...

That gargoyle photo reminds me of when I was (muble-mumble0 years old and Mt. St. Helens blew it's top. I was living in Portland, OR a few blocks away from this statue of Joan of Arc ( and some prankster climbed up there and put an 'ash mask' on both her and the horse. (an 'ash mask' being one of those cheap white workshop dust masks)

On a side the time she was 'Statue of Liberty green'. I wonder when she got the buff-job?

Anonymous said...

When Irish eyes are smiling, they are probably up to no good.


Anonymous said...

Recently found a Mauser model 1914 while going thru my Mom's stuff after she died. Of course, it actually is stamped "7.65", and I was a bit excited till I realized that is Euro-speak for .32 ACP.

But after working with it a bit, I find I like it. As near as I can tell it is between 80 and 85 years old. It had ammo in it that I know was at least 45 years old (and a magazine spring compressed for that long!!!). A very brief clean-up, and it went thru 50 rounds with out a glitch.

Controls are a bit odd: separate SAFETY ON and SAFETY OFF controls that look like slide lock and mag release. But in the end, a really fun find.

Samsam von Virginia

Jerry said...

I know it's probably to late to make the suggestion, I highly recommend the surplus CZ 82s if you spot one. Best deal I've seen in a while.

Capcha's got it's game on.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Enjoy! Have fun!
My Dad had a Colt Vest Pocket that was HIS Dad's (the former Marine/RR cop)backup.
Sadly, my step mother gave it away at his passing - not to me!
It was a .25, heavy, bulky and inaccurate, but it was my Dad's!

NotClauswitz said...

There's a .32 Colt over here in a shop, no toaster bits but maybe some early telephone bakelite...
Also an old .32 FN swoopy-something.

Bob in Houston said...


As in a J.P. Sauer und Sohn M1913 in .32? hmmn, is your AOL addy still in operation?

Bob in Houston.

Rob Reed said...

I would pay money to see a video of you singing the "Fun Show Song," Tam...

I have a camera. Just 'sayin.

The Duck said...

I finished a basic pistol class at noon in Noblesville. and was tempted to stop at the Indy show, but with the new puppy being delivered, needed to get back for her arrival. Hope it wasn't as crazy as the Jan show, and that you found some goodies

John B said...

I just dropped in to say what Rob Reed said. I wanna see a you tube vid of you singing "My Favorite Guns" Like Julie Andrews.

Pre Blake Edwards of course.