Wednesday, March 14, 2012

270 Grains of Justice!

What would make a perfect backup gun to that whimsical piece of kinetic sculpture shaped like a pair of conjoined 1911s that's been making the rounds of the 'net recently?

The P333AT from Kel-Tec! When questioned, our inside source at Ruger's R&D department in Cocoa, Florida said that joining three Kel-Tecs at the hip didn't seem to make them noticeably less reliable. Using modern manufacturing techniques and judicious application of polymer, MIM, and castings, the P333AT will also ensure that people who are not obscenely wealthy sheiks in Dubai are able to get hands-on experience with clearing a Type I malfunction and a Type II malfunction at the same time!

Pre-order yours today!


Anonymous said...

Ya'll need to be careful. Anybody remember the SNL "Triple Trac Razor" commercial? Somebody's gonna really make this piece o' crap.

Samsam von Virginia

the pawnbroker said...

And if they do, they'll sell the crap out of that crap. If it's goofy enough to make an onlooker say "daammnn..." and costs a month's pay, there's a demand; just ask Taurus.

Besides, as Tam's "bright side" post illustrated, freedom means the ability to say "just because".

Of course, the poor man's kit involves just a coupla hose clamps and voila! Instant handbomb, no out-of-work Cocoa aerospace engineers required.

(That Robb guy might be pantless but he sure ain't humorless or talentless. :))

abnormalist said...

Ok, So I gotta ask, when did the hate for the kel-tecs start?

I have an old Gen 1, my father a gen2, and while yes they can be ammo sensative and need a fluff and buff from the factory, but once you find the brand yours likes best the run like clocks.

We just brought them out over the weekend and ran about 300 rounds through the two of em (yes our hands hurt afterwords, but it was all good fun)

We found my Dads doesn't like the Fiocci 90g JHP that mine loves, but it sure does like the Winchester PDX so alls fair. Other than that which was consistant with the ammo, and easily pinned on it, we had ZERO malfunctions from these little pocket heaters

Tam said...


"while yes they can be ammo sensative and need a fluff and buff from the factory, but once you find the brand yours likes best"

You buy one, sort it out, and are happy.

The person on the other side of the counter sells a hundred, and has thirty or forty customers come back into the store all pissed off who have to be told what a "fluff and buff" is. It makes for a different perspective.

(Also, I can run a P-32 but I can't get a grip on the little thing well enough one-handed to keep the P3AT from short-cycling. Call it "limp-gripping". :o )

abnormalist said...

That sounds fair.

I keep thinking I must be some strange gun shooting freak, I can usually hit at about 50% standing clay pidgeons at 20 yards with my p3at, my Taurus 24/7 has never had a hiccup outside a few primer issues with my own reloads and shoots amazingly, and everyone keeps telling me that these guns suck.

Maybe I just got the 1 in 1000 that gets dipped in holy water before leaving the factory, or a lot of people who buy these like to whine

Tam said...


1 in 1000? No.

3 out of 4.

(Although the P3AT's with the original extractor were a disaster. We were returning those for warranty work at a rate high enough that I quit stocking them for a while. Much like Kimber with their external extractor debacle, the company silently acknowledged the problem by changing the design.)

Robb Allen said...

The P333AT pictured in my post is actually a photo of MY P3AT with a bit of Photoshopping.

I have never had a single hiccup in the hundreds of rounds I've put through the thing. I've used everything from gun show bags of ammo to the $1.25 a round "Hornady Critical Single Shot Kill Zombie Defense" and it's simply ate through whatever I fed it.

It's uncomfortable to shoot due to not just its size, but the fact that it's a fairly rough frame. However, it gets the job done for me. This isn't a gun to take to the range for an extended, enjoyable outing, it's one you shoot because you *have* to.

I've always said my P3AT is the most lethal gun I own. If you make me shoot you with it, it will anger me so much I will beat you to death with my shoe.

Anonymous said...

How about putting them together around a Mercedes Benz emblem-like magazine star, sort of like the Death Dealer 2000 Knife, a hilarious spoof on the tactical tommys out there, check YouTube if you haven't seen it.

abnormalist said...


Seriously, who beats you with a shoe! :-D

Anonymous said...

I'd just be happy if the SUB - 2000 was availible in .45 A.C.P.... JohninMd(help)

Rick C said...

Given,11056/ someone now needs to come up with a 5-barreled handgun.

global village idiot said...

I predict that Robb's photo will be sent out via a pearl-clutching, office-bound state DHS worker to law enforcement (and thence go viral) inside of 24 hours.

Anyone want to take me up on the over/under?


global village idiot said...

Oh, and RickC, someone's beat you to your idea by about 160 years: