Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I can hear Apu singing "The Dream Police".

It is rare that someone relates a dream that makes me jealous, but the other night while I was having some dull running gunfight with zombie terrorists in a giant warehouse full of CNC mills, Unc was apparently having one of the coolest dreams ever.


Brad K. said...

Huh. First dream last night, I was at a convention out of town. The folks had the sprinklers on, it eroded the street so it slanted to a water-filled ditch. And my car slid off the wet tile road, crashed into the ditch. And I was left in the maze of the company looking for someone to report the damage to and get a claim put in.

Next was a night walk -- when a group of bad guys come crawling through a vent in a wall -- and setting up a perimeter, shoulder to shoulder, with film type EOS style cameras. When the LEO start popping out of the woodwork launching mortar-type stun-guns, taking down the bad guys. They launch one at me, that my bathrobe catches, and I play possum. An LEO crouches next to me launching at the last bad guys, when the last bad buy approaches, uses a six-gun stun gun, claims, "This will take me over the line." Sticks the shooter in the guy's mouth, pulls the trigger and runs off. I pull the wires off the stun darts, and run after the last bad buy, back into the hole in the wall, with the six-shooter (and five loads).

I ate Chinese last night. Had dry toast and decaf green tea before bed.

Maybe I am just upset over today's Oklahoma primary. Or maybe that I wrote my US Senator with a proposal for campaign finance reform: Make it a felony to spend campaign or special interest contributions more than 100 miles from the donor's home address. (Should limit unions, PACs and national parties from collecting around the country to buy off Iowa or pay robocallers in India to cover Oklahoma. Maybe.)

Anonymous said...

I guess my dream last night about flushing a red and white shemagh down the toilet wouldn't even be an also-ran.