Thursday, July 11, 2013

A massive savings of time!

Because he's here to help, Robb Allen has condensed every post ever made on every firearms forum and gun blog ever into a handy one-page list. Because it's about guns, he used bullet points instead of numbers.

Go read it and print it out and keep it in your pocket. Then you can just consult it any time you have a firearms-related question when you're out at a gun store or gun show and save a bunch of bandwidth on your cellular plan.


Anonymous said...


RevolverRob said...

He forgot the all important Correia'ism: HK, because you suck and we hate you.

Other than that, it seemed pretty legit.


Paul said...

lfmao. It is amazing how people get all butt hurt on subject they know little of. The less they know the more outrage they show.

Rob is a good read.

sobriant74 said...

The irony is that I have to use cellular data to view his list since my workplace blocks access to his website. VFTP comes through no problem however.

Scott J said...

Sobriant, I've taken to doing all my web browsing at work on my phone.

Less chance a management type will walk by, see it and assume that tiny snippet of time represents all I do all day.

One flavor of that is a major part of the mix of reasons I decided to reverse course on my relocation to SC.

RabidAlien said...


Joel said...

When I was a cubicle rat, that tiny snippet of time pretty much did represent what I did all day.

And the list sucks, because it doesn't even mention AKs and why/how much they suck, and why you're holding it wrong. Otherwise, awesome.

Old NFO said...

Brilliant and hilarious!!! :-)

Windy Wilson said...

He did it wrong. If he really intended to save time he would have numbered them for easy reference.
"Well, #17."
Oh, yeah? #5."
"no, you mean #13."

See how quickly it could go?
Number 2, of course should be,"HK, because you suck and we hate you."

mariner said...

My pistol shoots.

I've never tried to make it suck, so I'm not sure whether or not it does that.