Thursday, July 18, 2013

QotD: Wish I'd Said That Edition...

Joel in comments here:
"But I think we can all agree that if you don't hate Zimmerman you're a hater."


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, I'm glad to find out just what the Criteria are for the Injustice Department plans to prosecute Zimmerman for Civil rights Violations. Thanks!

Paul said...

We have just witnessed one of the more insidious crimes initiated and prosecuted by this administration in the history of the US. I do not count the world as similar things have happen in other socialist countries.

I know that is a little off for this tread, but I think it continues the thought nicely.

Fidel said...

So, just to make sure I understand the facts as established in court:

A community activist (George Zimmerman) was providing a valuable community service in keeping an eye on a suspicious individual with an extensive record of prior bad acts (Martin). Said individual was also, according to Jeantel, a homophobe.

After violently attacking Zimmerman, in an unprovoked and near fatal manner, Zimmerman, unable to flee, was forced to defend himself with the only tool he had at hand, killing him.

Then, the US Department of (racial) justice funded groups that could have lynched the community activist, and now, even though he (Zimmerman) has been acquitted in a trial that if anything was biased against the defense, wants to charge him on some trumped up charges - despite the Do(r)J's own investigative arm (the FBI) finding no such charges being warranted.

G-D Bless America!

Stuart the Viking said...

Fidel, You seem to be of the mistaken belief that facts should matter.


Paul said...

Fidel, facts are correct as I understand them.

What is different now versus the past events of political rioting and ire is that this time the government is fomenting the rebellion through a campaign of mis-direction and outright lies.

That is the difference this go around with us peons and our elected masters.

Kristophr said...

But Zimmernman dis-ed Martin, asking him what he was doing, which implied that Martin, a cough-syrup huffing young thief, was some kind of cough-syrup huffing young thief.

Zimmerman should have accepted his curb stomping, and thanked Martin for beating awareness into his skull of the equivalence of cough-syrup huffing thief culture to actual civilization.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, GZ (Not to be confuzed with "Jeezy") violated Mr. Martin's Constitutional Right To Beat Whitey's Head
Into The Sidewalk (RTBWHITS) ..... which supersedes GZ's right to Life...... makes perfect sense, right?

Buzz said...

Wrong, Anon @ 12:22.
It's not "Whitey." That would be racist.
"Crackah," as we have recently been taught, is not a racist term, therefore, your acronym needs "CAC" where "W" currently sits.

Ed said...

The carousel continues to turn:

So what will the DOJ do with this?