Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Finally read the Heidi Yewman piece.
Since having the gun I’ve had two repairmen, a carpet cleaner, and a salesmen in my home. If the gun’s for self-protection, it’s not going to do any good in the safe, but it’s not really practical to have the gun pointing at them as they work. How else would I eliminate the element of surprise if I were attacked?
Yow. This woman doesn't just have issues, she has whole subscriptions.
"The sad fact is that some people shouldn't have guns. Or cars. Or children. Or oxygen." – Pat Rogers
...and yet, at the end of the day, this complete soup sandwich, this projection-riddled bundle of neuroses I wouldn't trust with a burnt-out match, wandered the streets of America for an entire month without adult supervision and with a loaded Glock, and what bad things happened?


Whose point was she trying to prove, again? Mine or hers?


Chris said...

I believe this is a cultural thing, or as Thomas Sowell so eloquently put it, "A Conflict of Visions".

Alien said...

I cannot fault Pat Roger's assessment.

When mention of it started bouncing around the Intertubes I began reading Yewman's piece but quickly stopped when I realized I was rapidly losing both IQ points and patience.

I remember a discussion revolving around whether or not she had ever loaded the gun. I'm not wading back into the swamp to find out so I'll ask if you've Taken One For The Team and uncovered that.

hiswiserangel said...

I actually think it's hysterical that this whackjob wandered the streets for a month TERRIFIED her evil black gun would escape from it's holster and go on a killing spree the likes of which her evil gun fantasies are spun. AND IT NEVER DID. Best practical joke ever by a Glock.

Joe in PNG said...

If only they could invent a device to carry a gun with you without having to hold it in your hand! Maybe even design it to hide the gun when one is carrying it.

Paul said...

It was a 3 part piece by someone who should not have been allowed to breath....maybe too harsh. She definitely did not equate cow to hamburger.

It was almost pathetic to read her screed as she felt that whatever thought flitted through her empty skull came from on high as the word of god for all the rest of us who are too stupid to live in the CITY like her.

Bah, I must be channeling some bitter clinger.

On the other hand, it definitely shows the mind set of the gun control group.

og said...

"Yow. This woman doesn't just have issues, she has whole subscriptions. "

Wish I'd said that. But then again, I will, eventually.

Anonymous said...

That is one kooky lady.

"Yow. This woman doesn't just have issues, she has whole subscriptions."

That wins the internet for the whole week.


Jennifer said...

You know, I was going to write something about this, but you said exactly what I was going to say.

Woodman said...

She terrifies me.

This woman likely operates a motor vehicle and has to restrain herself from running over kittens and little girls the whole way to her destination. At the subway stops she has to put her hands in her pockets so she doesn't push people in front of the train.

She likely has her hair dryer screwed into the outlet in her makeup room so she doesn't run and throw it into the bathtub when her boyfriend is mansculpting his chest. She doesn't go to the old folks home to visit her gram any more because her hands itched when the old folk would walk by the stairs.

And she thinks everyone else is like her. How damn terrifying it must be to be her. What a miserable existance. The only reason she was happy before is because she made a concerted effort to not turn her brain on.

Scott J said...

Far more teens cut on themselves than shoot themselves. Why didn't she feel the same sense of dread about the knives in the counter as about the gun in the purse atop it.

I ignored this woman's public psychosis when it first hit the internet.

I wish I'd have continued that restraint.

We are doomed as a society. So long as people like her are given any sort of heed.

Defens said...

Fortunately, I don't believe it was ever stated that she got around to actually loading it! She just wore it around like some mystical talisman that would either ward off demons or cajole evil doppelgangers to convince her to commit random acts of violence.

staghounds said...

"See, I ate the broccoli, I hate it just like I told you I would".

She did it bound and determined that her thinking would be vindicated, and it was.

But, she did what we all tell anti-gunners to think about doing. (Except for the learning about what you are doing part. I suspect that she'd feel just as worried her first month's driving.)

And she makes some good points, on both sides of the argument.

Name calling and throwing insults is, I thought, what THEY do.

Let her article speak for itself. Respond temperately, abuse wins us no friends and confirms that we are what we say they are.

Steve Skubinna said...

Her 15 year old son is lucky to be alive. When I read the first installment my fear was she'd shoot him just to prove a point.

The other possibility was she'd have a shootout over a parking spot, which the Brady Bunch solemnly tells us happens all the time.

So Heidi really missed two terrific opportunities to prove her case.

Old NFO said...

That's a winnah Tam, and she DID prove our point... That gun didn't magically shoot somebody, or brandish itself, etc...

og said...

"Respond temperately, abuse wins us no friends and confirms that we are what we say they are."

I dunno. I have yet to see a shred of evidence that being "Civil" or "Taking the high road" is making any kind of difference.

I have come to the conclusion that if you are sane and capable of reason you're already an opponent of gun control-I have yet to meet any "Converts", and there certainly have not been, in any numbers. President wingnuthead has done more for private firearms ownership than all the "Civil" gun owners ever did. Our job is to welcome them when they arrive, and help them find training and safe places to shoot and hunt and have fun. I save all my civility for those people.

Yrro said...

I think there are rarely converts to be made online. I've talked quite a few people out of some of the dumber bills in person. Unfortunately it has rarely changed their feeling that there must be *some* way we can control gun violence by controlling guns, even if microstamping/background checks at gun shows/capacity limits aren't going to really affect anything.

global village idiot said...

Og, the civility isn't to convert the person you're debating.

Civility and reason - aside from being its own reward - is for the audience.

Every person screaming and wetting him- or herself in public has a friend who is not quite so "fully committed." That person is reading not only what his friend wrote, but what you wrote as well. When the bedwetter calls you all kinds of hysterical names and you respond with civility and reason, you not only don't come off as a monster or the caricature you're portrayed as, but you allow the bedwetter to practically argue your point for you - TO HIS FRIENDS.

That said, there's no helping the author of that bilge, OR her loyal readership. They must simply be defeated - without rancor or animus, but defeated utterly and completely. And if you can humiliate them on the way, so much the better. I read her first installment and concluded she was a performance artist and therefore not worth another milisecond of my time.

With people like her, who are so profoundly lacking in real self-awareness, true humiliation is a real feat. I'm not up to it.


og said...

"With people like her, who are so profoundly lacking in real self-awareness, true humiliation is a real feat. I'm not up to it."

You don't want to humiliate the individual. You want, as thoroughly as possible, to illustrate to that audience the lunacy of their position.

Skeptical_Realist said...

"...wandered the streets of America for an entire month without adult supervision and with a loaded Glock, and what bad things happened?"

I may have missed it, but I didn't see her mention ammunition in either of her diatribes. In fact, she appeared to think the gun may have been loaded when she bought it, and had to ask a police officer to verify it was unloaded. She likely carried it empty the entire time, and never had any ammo near the gun. And was still terrified of it the entire time.

Subscriptions indeed.

Ed said...

It does not matter to her whether the pistol was loaded or not, as she understands that the pistol itself is magical, and merely needs to be pointed to be powerful. Loading it, of course, would just be adding awesome sauce to the powerful, and actually firing it when appropriate would approach the incomprehensible.

Justthisguy said...

I know several wimmin who carry a piece every day. I have helped two of them to arm themselves and even gotten naked and rubbed mucus membranes with some of them. I felt perfectly safe from "gun violence" when in their company, even when some of them got mad at me and yelled at me. Of course these are sensible, i.e., Southern, wimmin.

Tam said...


You are one simple sonofabitch, aren't you?

Really? You know some actual women who were able to puzzle out the workings of those complicated guns, and managed to resist their flighty hormonal impulses and not shoot everything in sight?

Fuck you right in the ear. Go play in traffic.

Cargosquid said...


Was the actual existence of the gun ever confirmed?

BatChainPuller said...

Yewman! Must always be pronounced like Seinfeld. She actually did prove her point. Law abiding, but untrained, irresponsible and unqualified people can legally acquire firearms and carry permits in some states. That could have been easily stipulated without her shenanigans. She did not, however, ever try to tie her premise to any statistics about crime, violence or accidental injury. She could connect it only to her own emotional state.

Earl said...

I was much more impressed with Emily gets her gun, and probably got the title and her name wrong.

Polite tells me to ignore the Special Needs folks that don't ask for my love or help. She hasn't.

Being stupid is a special need, nothing is a disability, just something for us to adjust to the reality.

I am old, that is also a special need, not a disability. Have a great day - shooting safely, hopefully.

NotClauswitz said...

That girl has a hole in her head big enough to drive a truck through.

Scott J said...

Tam @8:56 AM ----- that's gonna leave a mark.

Anonymous said...

If you can manage to read it as satire, it’s actually pretty funny. It’s even funnier when you follow the link in Part 1 to a Starbucks protest video she’s starring in and realize that it’s had a whopping 580 views.

Since 2010.

Matt G said...

I just took a statement today from a family who had a teen spat over boyfriend/girlfriend issues erupt into having a complete stranger to all in the house throw objects through the window before bursting through the front door, attacking the first person found in the house (a pre-teen girl), and throw ornamental stones and punches at this kid. The family is in shock. They literally don't feel safe in their own brick home. The husband is often away from the home. The mother is doing the best that she can.

But a gun of course would just cause more problems. The gun is source of violence. It would be silly to suggest that they arm themselves, or even to permit it.

global village idiot said...

"Rubbed mucus membranes."

There was a time when I thought Alex from A Clockwork Orange was the sine qua non of callous indifference.

That has to be the most boorish thing I've read all month, and it's been a month for boorishness.

I've armed women too. Like my daughter. For scum like you.

Play in traffic? Tam was being kind. Go shove a pineapple up your ass.


Justthisguy said...

Nah, Scott. I took it in the smartass spirit in which it was intended. Tam and I go way back, in Internet years, and have not always gotten along perfectly, but I continue to read her blog which has her sometimes-skewed, always grumpy, but generally correct insights on things.

The thing about Tam's "yachting" photo which is so endearing is not her youthful good looks, nor the bikini, but the grumpy expression on her face. That is Our Tam.

Justthisguy said...

gvi, I was trying to speak delicately about a delicate subject. Maybe I was too subtle for you. Do you know, for instance, that if you kiss someone on the mouth, you are rubbing mucus membranes?

Please retract, and beg my pardon for, that "scum" remark. That was un-called-for and unjustified and made no sense whatsoever, to boot.

Justthisguy said...

P.s. Why, I'll have you know I have rubbed mucus membranes not just with humans, but also with dogs and cats (just on the face, not the hind end; we have to draw the line somewhere).

Tom said...

What gets me is that she says the gun makes her paranoid from all the terrible things that might happen, but does NOT having a gun make those terrible things disappear? No, you don't have to point a gun at every man following you down the stairs, but does that mean that NOT having a gun lets you trust every man? Of course not. This is why the whole article strikes me as disingenuous.

And that's really the problem with anti-gun logic. Sure, a gun on your hip is a pretty useless hunk of metal 99.99% of the time. Until that one time, when NOT having a gun could result in the worst thing you could imagine. Evil exists in this world, whether they want to recognize it or not.

Justthisguy said...

Tom, I keep a gun or two. I also keep a fire extinguisher or two. I dread having to use either of them for their _real_ purpose.

Justthisguy said...

global village idiot is either unhinged, or much, much more drunk than I am.

I would be happy to meet him in Paraguay, where the kind of meeting I have in mind is still legal, but I am too poor to manage the logistics of getting myself, my second, and my surgeon there and back.

Not only that, before I settle gvi's hash, I need to take care of the person I refer to as my ex-brother. Get in line, gvi.

I hold a grudge forever. There are people I haven't seen since we were eight years old whom I would really like to punch out. That grudge was started well over half a century ago.

Tam said...

"Shut up," she suggested.

Nylarthotep said...

"Shut up," she suggested.

Second that. Yeesh.

Justthisguy said...


Geodkyt said...


Every person screaming and wetting him- or herself in public has a friend who is not quite so "fully committed." . . . When the bedwetter calls you all kinds of hysterical names and you respond with civility and reason, . . . you allow the bedwetter to practically argue your point for you - TO HIS FRIENDS.

Which is why they must employ "Reasoned Discourse"(tm). They know that we will sneakily use calm, factual, well-reasoned points, to brainwash the helpless masses and that cannot be allowed.

Think of a medieval priest faced with a smooth talking heretic. Cannot allow that devil-merchant to lead the People of God away from Righteousness. Since the gungrabbers can't actually convene an inquisition and burn us at the stake, they have to limit themselves to Reasoned Discourse.

From their POV, it's entirly rational.

Justthisguy said...

Um, Geod? Which one of us are you chastising? Me or gvi? You're pretty subtle and indirect in your language there.

M'self, I thought I was being polite and circumspect up until he got rude at me. No pineapples, please. Maybe gvi would have liked me better if I'd said something like "We fucked, a time or two."

I thought this thread was done, about when Tam suggested the closing of mouths. But then you had to show up, and inspire me to show up.

Tam, it might be time now to intone sonorously. like MacArthur aboard Missouri, "These proceedings are closed."

(You really should get you a corncob pipe, some Ray-Bans, and a cool hat, Tam.)

Windy Wilson said...

“Since having the gun I’ve had two repairmen, a carpet cleaner and a salesmen [sic] in my home. . .”
So merely having the gun in her pocket is not protection enough from the scary men who come to her home to do work, she has to have the gun out and in her hand while they work for her.
This is a woman with no sense of nuance or situation, no ability to read body language or sense another person’s intentions. This is a woman who alternates between letting every man she meets into her bedroom and crossing the street to avoid every man she meets.