Sunday, July 21, 2013

No finer place for sure...

It's actually 111 E. 16th Street and not 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Don't be fooled by the sign.


Matt G said...

Google Fu: engage.

111 E. 16th Street in Indianapolis is indeed the building that you show. It houses Bang: A Salon. (Ooh! Fru-fru shooting emporium? Nah. Girly pretty shop.)
It houses 111 Cakery. Cupcakes?
It houses Indy Acupuncture. I've not heard lately that your back was hurting unduly.
Surely this isn't about the Barack Obama Indy Field Office there.
And they rent townhouses upstairs.

I'm going with the bakery.

Tam said...


Just a drive-by shooting, of the camera variety. :)

Tam said...

(I was taking pics out the window of Shootin' Buddy's truck on the drive back to Roseholme from the soiree for Mike James' movie at the Slippery Noodle Inn.)

the gripping hand said...

Fear not, Matt G - the Obama field office is gone, replaced by a new "coffee, beer and wine" bar called the Thirsty Scholar. Looking forward to trying it, but I suppose I'll have to have an exorcism performed to rid of the psychic stain of the former tenant.

Ed said...

Don't they make a pump spray to remove "psychic stains"?