Monday, July 22, 2013

Justice For... Hey! Let's Go Ride Our Bikes!

Boy, the difference in the subject matter between yesterday's morning network news programs, both local and national, and today's is unbelievable. It's like they're reporting on different planets or something.

Yesterday was wall-to-wall "No justice, no peace!" and today it's all about the fact that English royalty is about to whelp. Other than a commercial for Dr. Phil, there hasn't been a peep about the topic that was on every talking head's lips practically non-stop all last week.

So, the whitest baby in the world is about to get born and the dead black kid is all of a sudden last week's news amongst the media glitterati in Midtown Manhattan? Our very important national dialog on race is sidelined for a very important discussion on the House of Windsor's baby names?

You're sending me some really mixed signals, NBC. Maybe Reverend Al isn't 100% wrong about everything after all. I think there's some serious projectin' going on in the chattering classes.


Joel said...

Maybe Reverend Al isn't 100% wrong about everything after all.

That's really hard to imagine, Tam.

Tam said...


I'm thinking a lot of those crackers who've been on the TV lecturing me about racism for a week may actually know a good bit more about racism than I do, and that's why they're so all-fire concerned about it.

It's the hit anchorman that yelps, after all.

Anonymous said...

Do the media types get yoga and other flexibility training as part of their pay package? I ask because if I whipped back adn forth after things as much as they do (Justice for boy or girl cat in a tree British Open floods in Arizona!), I'd have chronic whiplash and muscle spasms.


Bob said...

Hey! Maybe they'll name the new spawn Trayvon!

Joseph said...

Much like I felt during the whole Chandra Levy thing, I think the royal baby, Trayvon and all the other distractions are just that. If you weren't so enthralled over a dead black kid or what the royals were birthing, you might wonder why you don't have a job, why the Mexican Cartels deserve guns but Joe American doesn't, how the POTUS' chronies are worthy of billions for sham "green" investments, why the IRS is whipping on Tea Partiers or the NSA has more knowledge of your phone and search data use than you do.

Enjoy the show America.

mariner said...

Thank God for small miracles.

How many black people are going to riot if they don't like the name of the Duchess of Cambridge's new baby?

Anonymous said...

This is just the "circuses" part of the "bread and circuses" trope. Nothing to see here, business as usual in the Land of the Free.


Mattexian said...

I dunno, Mariner, there *might* be some folks in (formerly) Great Britain, who will riot if the baby is a boy, and the Royals don't name him Achmed!

Anonymous said...

There was a similar case from 2009, where a adult black male shot a white teenager in upstate New York, was arrested, tried and acquitted. There were similar claims of "no justice!:

RevolverRob said...

Convenient too that when it comes out that last week, when GZ shoulda been a scared and a hidin' because as the great heroes of this country('snerk) said "The hood will catch up with him." he and a buddy happened upon an overturned SUV and instead of hiding, helped pull a family of 4 to safety.

But ya know a royal baby is more important...


Sendarius said...

Meanwhile, here in Oz, there is a report that George Zimmerman rescued someone last week, from a vehicle that had rolled over.

Sanford Police Department Captain Jim McAuliffe told ABC News that Mr Zimmerman "pulled an individual from a truck that had rolled over".


Tam said...


He should have stayed in his car! Who does he think he is? A cop? [/sarc]


perlhaqr said...

Bob: Maybe they'll name the kid "George". :D

Tam @1958: Wow. A little wisp of smoke came up from my monitor as the acid wit of that one interacted with the plastic frame.

If you ever get arrested, they're going to have a hard time fingerprinting you, because transmitting that grade of snark through a keyboard must have burned those fuckers off years ago. :D

Woodman said...

"Sanford Police Department Captain Jim McAuliffe told ABC News that Mr Zimmerman "pulled an individual from a truck that had rolled over".

Obviously attempted murder as they now have multiple back muscle injuries. And the Feds are checking to see exactly how he got that SUV to flip, witnesses are saying he was following it.