Saturday, July 20, 2013


So a 17-year-old kid knocks you on your back on the concrete and, straddling you, starts raining blows on you...

What's the worst that could happen? This.

The dynamics in that case just weren't the right kind to attract the attention of the Attorney General, I guess.


JD Rush said...

Molina shouldn't have confronted them. What does he think, he's some kind of cop?

/sarc, as if that was necessary.

Bubblehead Les. said...

So,according to the Holder Doctrine, it's only a Civil Rights Violation if the President could have been Gonzales?

Glad that's cleared up.

Anonymous said...

The "dynamics".

wotd right there.

BobG said...

Here in SLC, we're having to deal with this:

John A said...

But an un-armed teen "child" can`t possibly be any danger, certainly not a threat of death! We have been told so for over a year now!

Paul said...

Yep, white cop and illegal alien, what good could come of genning up some faux outrage over the misuse of force.

Nothting to see here, walk along.

Tam said...


"Yep, white cop and illegal alien..."

You know what they say you do when you make an assumption?

You make an ass out of u and umption.

The assailant was born in Salt Lake City, giving him every bit as much right to be in this country as you or I.

Further, Officer Molina was not exactly a "creepy-ass cracker".

Kristophr said...

The perp is a white hispanic.

This makes prosecuting him OK in Obamaville.

Ed said...

Note that even with his USMC training in addition to his police training, Officer Molina was dropped and pummeled, causing brain damage and eventual death. The age of Molina's attacker does not reduce the damage that the attacker caused with his bare hands.

So where is the DOJ on this?

Cue the crickets.

JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

This points out the old saw that the only true weapon is the mind, all else are tools. And a trained mind, whether formal Training or street experience, can be an awesome weapon indeed....

Alan J. said...

My favorite quote came from the lawyer who wants the kids bail bond reduced, "He's a very young kid. We'd like to get him back out so he can get back with his family, get back to school; take care of those things that a young boy needs to be taking care of," Morales said.

According to this lawyer, it's insufferable to make an accused cop killer sit in jail until his trial. Both my irony and disbelief meters have maxed out.

Firehand said...

"But he's MY murdering little shit, so he should be treated nicely!"
etc. ad Bullshit.

staghounds said...

In my time as a prosecutor, I have five times worked cases in which a single blow by a hand caused death. One featured a secondary impact from the sidewalk, the other four were one punch kills.

Of those four, one killer was 17, the other 15.

I am not letting anyone hit or get hold of me if I can prevent it.

Matt G said...

Word up, Staghounds.

Worry not, friends! This miscarriage of justice will be remedied, as soon as the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson organize marches on behalf of the accused...

...What? They're not going to El Paso on behalf of the poor, unarmed, 17-year-old teen who is accused of defending himself against the oppression of a police officer?

...What do you mean, "He isn't black"?!? He's a minority teen. An immigrant, to boot. . .

But. . . "Rainbow Coalition"...?


At least they're consistent in their racism.

Tam said...

"...What do you mean, "He isn't black"?!? He's a minority teen. An immigrant, to boot. . . "

El Paso paper said "Morales said during the hearing that Gonzalez was born in Salt Lake City and has been raised mostly by his grandparents. His grandfather works for Union Pacific, while Gonzalez's father works as a maintenance worker at a Central El Paso apartment complex."

While Texas sometimes claims to be a whole 'nother country, I'm pretty sure you don't need a passport to get there from Utah. ;)

Matthew said...,0,4813389.story

Just last week. 23 year old punches 41 year old. He falls, head hit the concrete, never woke up.

And 23 is just two years out of Chicago minor status.