Saturday, July 20, 2013

Slow start...

... so, while I'm clearing cobwebs, why not go read Mike's touching farewell to his faithful four-legged friend, Bert? Bring some Kleenex, just in case.


Robert Fowler said...

Hell of a deal. There is nothing, other than a great spouse, that beats a good dog.

I have had several dog die over the years and it's never good. I've been known to kneel by their graves and cry.

Anonymous said...

Touching story and well-written, especially considering the context of the moment.

I'll disagree with him about the method though, and I've done it both ways.

"Two to the head" is for pests and food; a vet's injection as you caress and say your soft goodbyes is for friends and loved ones.


Anonymous said...

>vet's injection

Depends on context. Mine hated the ride far worse than the office visit. I would have done the deed myself except inside town limits. The only saving grace was that he was far too weak to get out of the laundry basket, and I didn't have to use the crate.

What I really wanted was to go to the drug store and get enough injectable opiates to end the suffering forever, without subjecting him to the scary ride, but you know: stupid war on some drugs.


Anonymous said...

@chaz, I have to agree with SM on this - when we had our next-to-last dog put down by the vet, I had to look into her questioning eyes as the vet dug around in her paw with a needle trying to find the vein. I decided then-and-there that the quick "Two to the head" is far preferable.

Anonymous said...

farmist, our experiences are apparently and decidedly opposite.

The sick old cat that could barely move still found the strength to thrash and scream for long seconds after a couple .22 lr's in the ear, whereas the sick old cat and later the sick old dog went peacefully to sleep with heads cradled in the hands that fed and loved them for many years, listening to wife's sweet sorrowful words 'til they drew their last breaths.



J.R.Shirley said...

Jezus. A bullet or knife goes in the hollow just under the ear- I'm very sorry anyone's pet suffered longer than necessary, but just because someone doesn't know where to put the bullet doesn't give Mr. Shaky Hands the right to tell someone else what to do with their own, dearly loved pet. I've killed deer instantly with both knife and gun this way. The back of the head also works perfectly.

Anyway...the picture of that poor dog standing on the corner for days...damn. Makes me despair for most of humanity, while rejoicing there are a few stand-up guys left.