Sunday, March 01, 2015

"A dime makes a pretty fair screwdriver..."

...except when the slot is too narrow for it to fit, or so wide it slips and buggers the edges.

Most of the older cameras I've been messing with have a little circular battery cover on the bottom, to accommodate a range of batteries from the '60s era mercury cells (or their modern zinc-air substitutes) on the old Leicaflex SL to the familiar lithium CR123 that drops into the mid-'90s Contax TVS. These typically have the dished slot to allow the use of a coin as a screwdriver, but there doesn't seem to be any standardized thickness of coin preferred amongst the different makers.

Fortunately, Bobbi gave me a handy little gizmo to settle that problem: A coin screwdriver with a varying-thickness rim. It's handy. I should get more.