Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I can quit anytime I want to, really.

So, with the repair bill for the Subie being far less than I had budgeted, I rejoiced at the windfall and wisely put it in savings...

Well, except for $30 of it. That $30 I sent to KEH Camera and they sent me this:
Rollei Prego 130WA
Rollei Prego 130WA
It's a Samsung-era Fuji-built Rollei and, unlike the early Pregos, it's actually a tiny little camera, as can be inferred from the soda can and film canisters. I dunno what these things retailed for back in the day, but it must have been spendy, given the alloy shell and the prominent "Germany" wording sprinkled here and there (German laws are pretty lax on that; it's why there are tons of "Made In Germany" Manurhin PPKs out there on which the only thing made in Germany is the rollmark.)

Ideally I want a film setup that mirrors my digital one: A pocketable camera to go with the SLR around my neck. I'm almost certain that the Contax will be the pocket rocket, but the little Rollei was priced so right that I decided to give it a shot, too.