Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hoosier Donkey's Ass Found On Wiener's Leathers' Phone.

I'm sorry, that was the best I could come up with on short notice.

You'd think that with Scrabble tiles like "Wiener" and "Leathers" I could come up with the Mother of All Headlines, but no matter how I rearranged them, it was like I had an "S", a "C", an "H", an "A", a couple of "Ds" and a few "Es", an "N" and an "R", a "U"... but no "F". If you can make something better out of that, do share by email.

Yes, that's right, the Indiana General Assembly almost made it through a long session without any egregious scandals, like a rep getting a DUI on the way to the statehouse! Instead, with only a couple weeks to go before everybody went back to their day jobs selling insurance and lawyering and whatnot, Rep. Justin Moed (Dem-My Fair City) displayed a staggering lack of judgment and self-control by getting caught sending pics of his butt to the same college student that Anthony Wiener did.

To give it that Parks and Rec Hoosier twist:
The site reports that Moed's name was accidentally included on a pink leash and collar he bought for Leathers on, which is how she reportedly determined his identity.

Rep. Moed's office released the following statement in a letter written to the local newspaper:
"I am truly sorry I have hurt the ones I love most with my poor judgment. I am committed to rebuilding trust with my family and my community. This is a private matter and I ask for it to be treated as such. I apologize to my constituents and to everyone I have let down."
No, Justin, I'm afraid your privates became a public matter when you sent pictures of them winging through the airwaves.

It's stuff like this that makes the Chamber of Commerce order Maalox by the 55-gallon drum.