Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Simple Minds

140-character tweets, speeches condensed to soundbites, 300-word tl;dr opinion columns... it's getting to where caricatures of the other guy's political views are condensed to where they'll fit inside a fortune cookie with plenty of room left over.

Democrat? #COMMIE!

Republican? #RACIST!

Seriously, the "conservative = racism" thing is just part of the orthodox liberal catechism now. If you say you're for voter ID laws, no matter what reasons you give, you might as well be telling your Democrat friend or co-worker that you have a Klan robe in the back of the closet at home. They can literally fathom no other reason why one would require some proof that the registered voter is, indeed, who they say they are other than RACIST!

It's a little creepy to experience first-hand. Especially when the Democrat looking at you accusingly is someone who you actually consider kinda uncomfortably racist themselves. I admit, I look a little askance when someone tells me "Oh, I met this new person yesterday..." and the first factoid they give me about them, after their name, is what color their skin is. Well, unless they were white; that never gets mentioned. It's always "Oh, I met this lady, Sheila, at the shelter yesterday, she's a black gal..." or "Susan, the little Asian receptionist at the vet..." but never "Annie, this white girl I know..." But I'm the racist for kinda being in favor of cutting down on voter fraud?