Sunday, March 08, 2015

Overheard in Roomie's Bedroom...

So Bobbi is suffering through a kidney stone as stoically as she can, but you can tell she is just miserable. At one point in the morning she went staggering from the smallest room back to her bedroom and collapsed gingerly* into the bed. Little Rannie the cat followed on her heels, jumped up on the foot of the bed, and proceeded up towards Bobbi's head, chirping and warbling all the way.
RX: "Oh, it's so good that your cat is concerned about whether I'm okay or not. She's trying to comfort me."

Me: "Well, that or... Carnivores do follow the weak and sickly, so she could just be hoping you'll fall over."
This is, of course, just joking. Rannie, for all of her often-ill-tempered aloofness, becomes downright solicitous when one of her humans is in distress.

Meanwhile, semi-related and found at Sebastian's place...

*"Collapsing gingerly" was not something I'd seen before.